Apple to replace Intel chips with their own

Posted 1 year ago by Nick Bolton

Rumours have emerged that Apple is planning to replace Intel chips in its hardware by 2020. This news was reported by Bloomberg on Monday, and has seen the markets react accordingly with Intel shares closing down 6.1%.

Both Apple and Intel have declined to comment at this stage, and experts believe that the downturn in the market is an over reaction to the news.

This news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, since Apple have been focussing on designing their own chips for use in their iPhone range since 2010, and the introduction of the T2 chip in the iMac Pro. While it would mark a dramatic shift for the tech giant, it is perhaps more likely that Apple will begin phasing out the use of Intel chips over time rather than opt for a single “switch over” moment. One possibility would be for Apple to introduce their own chip for the new Macbook Air, or low-power alternative.

Apple Products

“While it’s possible that Apple may replace Intel in some of its lower-end product lines, we think it will be difficult for Apple to completely replace Intel by 2020, especially on its higher-end offerings,”

Summit Insights group analyst Kinngai Chan

Of course this is merely the beginning of the story, and nothing has been confirmed at this point, though the Internet is awash with theories and speculations around this rumour.

There are still many unknowns at this point, such as whether their proprietary chips will be x86 or ARM based, and of course how many products will be affected. For us here at Symless, this obviously has a fairly large potential impact, but rest assured that we’ll be working to ensure that Synergy is able to run with Apple’s new chips, whenever they reach the market.