Synergy 2 is back to beta

Posted 1 year ago by Nick Bolton

Recently we surveyed a group of our users with a simple question: Should Synergy 2 be considered stable or beta?

In November of last year, we officially released Synergy 2 as stable. We knew there were a few minor bugs but assumed we could fix them within a couple of months. Sadly, it became apparent that these bugs were not so small nor easy to fix. So with very careful consideration, we've made the decision to redeclare Synergy 2 a beta product.

When will Synergy 2 be stable? We're going to leave this up to you to decide. As we make updates and enhancements, we'll continue to poll users so that you can tell us when you think it's stable. We've also decided not to ask this question until after we've re-introduced the missing features from Synergy 1, which could extend the beta period by 12-18 months.

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