Synergy 2.0.8 has landed

Posted 1 year ago by Nick Bolton

In this latest release we've made a number of tweaks, and there are two larger updates which we hope will make a big difference to our users.

Improved handling of changing IP addresses

A number of users were experiencing issues running Synergy when there was an unexpected change of IP address. With this update, Synergy is now much better at handling these changes, minimising disruption to the user.

Fixed a bug where Linux server takes control of client input

We've now sorted a nasty bug that was causing Linux machines to snatch back control after client input. This should no longer be a problem in this latest release.

If you're a bit behind on Synergy versions and what's been going on, you can always check out the full release notes to get up to speed.

A big thank you to all our users for reporting the bugs, keep it up!