Back-End Software Developer (C++)

Symless Careers

Build well-engineered software by combining modern libraries and low-level system APIs on Windows, macOS, and Linux to produce ultra-smooth HID and data sharing code for millions of users.

Location: Symless UK or Remote
Salary/Rate: Competitive & Negotiable

Who is this for? This role is suitable for both those seeking full-time employment at Symless in the UK or for remote freelancers. This gives remote freelancers a fantastic opportunity to eventually relocate to the UK if desired. For those willing to relocate, we're offering a competitive salary, as well as a sign-on bonus. We also provide visa sponsorship and pay all relocation costs. There are multiple vacancies for this position and candidates can have any level of experience, but must be very intelligent. Students and graduates are welcome.

About Symless and Synergy: Our mission is to help people use multiple computers together in one seamless and cohesive experience. Since 2012, Symless has proudly developed Synergy, an app that shares one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple computers. As well as having over 2 million users worldwide, our product is regularly featured on top tech channels like Linus Tech Tips, a channel with over 6.7 million viewers. It's also used at some pretty neat companies like Apple, Pixar, Disney, Google, Amazon, and many more.

What about the role? Your role will be working alongside our CTO/CEO to build the next generation of our flagship product, developing core-components with excellent performance in mind. You'll be one of 8 others in a team of highly intelligent software developers, learning and collaborating together to build something amazing that will delight our users.

Here are a few things you'll be doing:

  • Build low-level system components
  • Code using test-driven-development
  • Contribute to agile methodology and planning
  • Teach others on the team what you learn
  • Learn from 20 years of development experience

We'll need you to have academic or professional experience with:

  • C++, C#, or Java development
  • Memory management experience
  • Following code style and team rules

And here's what a typical day might look like:

  • 9am: Rush to your desk to hammer out that line of code that you thought of in the shower
  • 10am: Eventually grab a quick coffee and jump in on a code review with your teammates
  • 11am: Polish of that Windows feature and submit a PR on GitHub for code review and merge
  • 12pm: Head down to the local pizza place with the team and chat about what you're working on
  • 1pm: Read about that new library you heard your teammate mention and mock up a prototype
  • 2pm: Demo your new prototype to the CTO/CEO and champion the story for the next sprint
  • 3pm: Jump on a call with the Tech Support Engineer about a bug that Disney are seeing
  • 4pm: Start work on the next bug fix, it's a tricky one that requires working on Linux and macOS
  • 5pm: Finally open that package from this morning... Nice, free swag from your buddy at GitHub
  • 6pm: Pair program with the new guy on a bug he's been struggling with; a double-free, yikes!