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  2. Can't install Synergy 2.0.12

    Would be nice to get a flatpak or snap install. We can't wait 3 years for 3.0 to come out and 1.0 isn't nearly as good.
  3. Mouse Scroll Wheel Does Not Work in Clients

    Mine was working fine then it stopped and I was not sure why, after reading these posts I looked at my mouse settings and remembered that I turned on smooth scrolling in Logitech Options, so on a whim I turned if off and it started working again. maybe this will help someone.
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  5. News: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    Mouse moving by steps while using Sidecars with iPad. Both side.
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  7. macOS Catalina (beta) and Synergy

    Any updates on the Catalina fixes? Unfortunately running Synergy from Finder isn't working for me.... it is stuck in the "Synergy is starting" phase.
  8. This instructions don't work for me
  9. I have same problem, My platform is Mac OS X Catalina, I cann't start as server and client.
  10. Synergy for Android and Samsung DeX

    1+ for Synergy on DEX
  11. wayland support

    That request is from 2 year ago. How you think your "asap" will do the trick?
  12. wayland support

    Need Wayland support for Centos 8.Please add it asap.
  13. Question: Dual screen server

    With the help of the support, I finally found the solution. I made a backup of the synergy server configuration. Then I modified the links section: section: links PC-CLIENT: right(0,100) = PC-SERVER(50,100) PC-SERVER: left(50,100) = PC-CLIENT(0,100) end And change in Synergy GUI, the setting to use a configuration file. Thanks for your help
  14. Ableton live fader, knobs

    I'm using synergy 1 pro. Server OS is windows 10, Client OS is macOS Mojave. Ableton live is in macbook pro. The faders and knobs are not working properly with mouse movement. It's too sensitive. Anyone knows the solution?
  15. Service start error on Windows

    Fixed on Windows 10 Home edition X64, Thanks!
  16. Two things: 1. Can you disable drag and drop since that was the last entry before the crash? 2. Do you have the option of upping the log level to verbose or debug?
  17. Shift Key being detected as CTRL on client

    What can you tell us about the keyboard? Do you have anything special loaded like Razer software?
  18. Synergy 1.10.3 Issues

    Hello Job, 1. When you say you have to restart the Synergy server do you mean that you have to restart the entire server or the synergy service on the server? 2. Which of the screens (22" vs 32") is assigned as the primary screen in Windows?
  19. Hi All (Nick), Two issues: 1. For quite some time I have had to periodically restart Synergy server as the clipboard (cut/paste) has stopped working. I am using two Windows 7 machines and an Ubuntu mate laptop. I haven't discerned a pattern to it, though it appears to happen following a cut and paste operation. I have noticed this across most of the previous versions and have been using Synergy for many years. I keep upgrading in the hope the issue is resolved to no avail and so thought I would raise it here. 2. I recently upgraded a monitor to a 32" 2560x1440 which I have dual screen on a desktop with a 22" HD (1920x1080) screen. My laptop screen is above the HD screen and the HD screen is aligned (in Windows setup) with the bottom of the 32" screen (such that the top of the HD and 32" screen do not align). The cursor will now exit the laptop screen down onto the HD screen correctly, but will not exit the HD screen up to the laptop screen. If I align the 32" and HD screens along the top Synergy performs as expected (transitioning up and down). Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks, OJB
  20. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    This is evidently still a thing. My server computer is a Mac Pro running macOS Catalina, just installed yesterday, thought he behavior long predates that install. My client computer is another Mac Pro running Pop!_OS 19.04 (an Ubuntu derivative). Both systems are running 1.10 stable (the server 1.10.0, the client 1.10.1). Per the suggestion above, I turned off the synchronize screen savers setting. No help. The screen on my macOS machine powers off fine. The screen on the Pop!_OS machine does not. It does go black, but stays powered up. If I kill the synergyc program, then the screen powers off. Is there some way to tell the GNOME Shell to ignore Synergy? Or to tell Synergy to quit doing whatever it is doing? Killing the client and then restarting it is a pain.
  21. essentially exactly what the title says .. Client is detecting a shift key press as a CTRL press Not sure If the is a known thing or if it is a PEBKAC error. Server and Client running windows 10 (1809) and synergy registered ver. 1.10.3-stable-ca35737a I would submit a ticket but not sure if it is already known side note .. if I wanted to try synergy 2 beta where might I find that
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  23. Manual or Docs or Wiki or FAQ?

    What should we call it instead? We're open to suggestions and we want to make our website as easy to understand as possible.
  24. I can't seem to create a server on my MacbookAir running OSX 10.14 using Synergy 1.10.3. When I click start, the program runs into an endless loop where it detects an error, kills the process, and tries to restart it. I've tried manual and automatic mode, with both a config file and the interactive configuration. I've tried reinstalling the program (using these steps) and un/re-toggling Synergy in the System Preferences/Privacy/Accessibility tab. Is there something else I can try? Thanks. [2019-10-11T22:15:26] INFO: starting server [2019-10-11T22:15:26] INFO: config file: /var/folders/kz/403ylzwx1nbcsk430w927p38bwh0gt/T/Synergy.J29595 [2019-10-11T22:15:26] INFO: log level: INFO [2019-10-11T22:15:26] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2019-10-11T22:15:26] ERROR: process exited with error code: 11 [2019-10-11T22:15:26] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting [2019-10-11T22:15:27] INFO: starting server [2019-10-11T22:15:27] INFO: config file: /var/folders/kz/403ylzwx1nbcsk430w927p38bwh0gt/T/Synergy.u29595 [2019-10-11T22:15:27] INFO: log level: INFO [2019-10-11T22:15:27] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2019-10-11T22:15:27] ERROR: process exited with error code: 11 [2019-10-11T22:15:27] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting [2019-10-11T22:15:28] INFO: starting server [2019-10-11T22:15:28] INFO: config file: /var/folders/kz/403ylzwx1nbcsk430w927p38bwh0gt/T/Synergy.E29595 [2019-10-11T22:15:28] INFO: log level: INFO [2019-10-11T22:15:28] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2019-10-11T22:15:28] ERROR: process exited with error code: 11 [2019-10-11T22:15:28] INFO: detected process not running, auto restarting
  25. News: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    Temp fix. If you disable clipboard between Mojave <-> Catalina the intermittent drop disappears. Catalina is very buggy all around.
  26. Manual or Docs or Wiki or FAQ?

    Hi Nick, I guess I was just confused by the help icons on that page. The "trouble shooting & help guides" sounded like a place to go when a working install was having a problem. Anyways, the utility is setup and working now. Thanks for the response.
  27. News: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    Related thread:
  28. macOS Catalina (beta) and Synergy

    Yes, Synergy 2 is costing us to maintain but we are no longer selling early access. Those who already have access to Synergy 2 will continue to do so until we officially retire it. We are expecting to retire Synergy 2 when the alpha/beta of the next major version is a usable replacement. This could be as soon as Q2-Q3 next year, but we have no set date (we don't want to rush things again).
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