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  2. Were you ever able to find a resolution to this? I am currently experiencing the same thing with Linux Mint 19.3 (server) and Windows 10 (client). The forward and back mouse buttons do not work, Attempting to map these buttons myself as hotkeys shows both buttons as button 4 as you mentioned above.
  3. Were you ever able to find a resolution to this? I am currently experiencing the same thing with Linux Mint 19.3 (server) and Windows 10 (client). I can see the forward and back mouse click events do happen when setting the logging level to "Debug1" in Synergy, but they do not actually perform the forward/back mouse click operations in any application on the Windows 10 client.
  4. Last week
  5. I ran into this problem recently. What I have discovered is that for Karabiner to work, it has to have a keyboard under Devices to attach triggers/functions to. Synergy is not appearing there as a keyboard, it sends it commands and keypresses directly to the OS, thus bypassing Karabiner completely. This applies to all keys, not only CapsLock. One solution would be to present synergy as a virtual keyboard of sorts so Karabiner can see it. OR change how Karabiner works so it can detect the keypresses in some othe way. I think either solution is (guessing here) not easy to implement. That said, it sure is on my wishlist.
  6. Sklar

    Boot Raspberry Pi 3

    Quoting dbatting above: ========================= Edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart and replace the @lxterminal --command startsynergy with: @synergy --client --debug INFO --name raspberrypi --enable-crypto xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:24800 where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your server's IP address. Also, if you've changed the port in the server, be sure to change 24800 to whatever you changed it to. This will no longer use the bash script you made earlier and will simply load the desktop app itself. Make sure synercyc isn't running at the same time or you'll run into problems. Also, this will start the app without it loading the terminal window and should auto-connect to your server. ========================== I'm now running another new pi board (the 8 gig pi 4) with with Raspbian 10 (or Raspios or whatever they now call it) (buster). This is the best solution I've found. I've ditched the script. The only thing I'd add is that, until you set the server IP and save the configuration for the first time, it won't find the server at startup. There's bound to be a switch in the command line to start it minimized. I have to look that up. This is strictly a grace note, though.
  7. Same problem here, I try to use this several time over the past two years since bough. Never done a cent of actual work. Paid like $29 for this, useless. Should have donated them.
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  9. donar13

    Connected, but not working

    Thanks for the tip! I have Windows Server and uBuntu client. Even though they are connected sharing was not working actually. So, as @ShannonG suggested, I clicked on Server Settings in Windows and checked all Fixes. Then surprisingly it showed that scroll lock is issue in log and after changing the scroll lock its sharing inputs. Thanks and Amazing.
  10. Drkcloud

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    I Followed what this user advised in Disabling TLS 1.0 (Since has been replaced by 1.3) and I am no longer getting the lag.. Here is a link to assist with disabling it. https://windowsreport.com/how-to-disable-tls-1-0/
  11. Hi, I used to use Synergy 1 on OpenSuSE and it was great. I had 3 monitors on my desktop split across an OpenSuSE server and MacOS client, (local access only) so finding Synergy was a godsend I used to install Synergy via the RPM file using the zypper command whilst ignoring the errors regarding xscreensaver not being present. I had to create some symbolic links for libssl (e.g., libssl.so.10) , but never had a problem with it actually running. When I upgraded to OpenSuSE 15 I lost the ability to use Synergy completely. libcrypto is not available at all,from the default repos, and the libssl version installed was higher than the version actually required. Nothing I could do would make the app actually run in any way shape or form. Please make the library requirements a bit more sensible. Make the version numbers a "minimum" rather than an "exact" match. I would imagine that version 1.1.0 of libssl has the same methods available as 1.0.2j etc. If a local connection is all that's required and the relevant ports are not open to the outside world, could the encryption optional be optional?
  12. Matt Sullivan

    Copy and Paste stops working

    This problem, which I am experiencing, renders the product virtually useless.
  13. Jeremy407

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    your software is fucking trash you motherfucker
  14. Alexey Pilyaev

    Unable to connect to client

    Hello @Vincent Roggero can you please place logs and Synergy screenshots from both computers here for us?
  15. Alexey Pilyaev

    How to use Synergy on my iPad

    Hello @bandito Currently, we do not have plans to support IOS or Android platform but might me in the future.
  16. Hello @simics Do you have any AV installed on the affected machine?
  17. Alexey Pilyaev

    Issues on client using scandinavian keymapping

    Hello @joerney This is a known problem and our developers are working on it. I do not have any ETA but we will send an email to all users onec new version is ready go to live. Stay Tuned!
  18. Alexey Pilyaev

    Stuttering on Secondary Computer

    Hello @Worsin Can you please open Synergy - Help - About Synergy and share your Synergy version? Also, when the issue is started? Are you connected via Wifi?
  19. Hello @Carey Mann Synergy 1 do not use or need any internet connection and we cant connect to your computer from our side. So, I am sure that the problem is not from the Synergy side.
  20. Alexey Pilyaev

    Keyboard is not shared to clients

    Guys, I think we need to have a remote session in order to see whats going on. Please place a ticket for us using link in my signature.
  21. Alexey Pilyaev

    cannot connect windows 10 client to OSX server

    Hello @Jerome and @nleco Can you please user a link in my signature and place a ticket for us?
  22. Can someone from symless answer that? I have exactly the same problem with the same setup and same build. I have, on the other hand, tried the other way round - Windows 10 server and MacOS client and it worked fine.
  23. Going in to server settings (Configure Server), then Advanced Server Settings, and disabling Synchronize screen savers, then applying that, will allow clients to follow their own sleep schedule. Strangely, the server on Windows will not apply a display lock, but, the client will if that setting is enabled. Disabling that causes synergy to release it's lock and the screen/s on windows clients will follow the configured screen power off timer on them.
  24. FB`

    Keyboard is not shared to clients

    Debug1 on either client doesn't show key entries as described in the superuser post. Modifier keys do appear to make it through to both clients, but not any regular keypresses.
  25. FB`

    Keyboard is not shared to clients

    this just bit me too. everything was working, middle of a zoom call, keyboard stopped switching. all key input is captured at the server. server is running 1.11.0 on macos 10.13.6, one client running 1.11.10 on 10.14.6, the other client is running 1.11.1 on win 10 pro. have quit and restarted synergy on all, rebooted both clients. cant reboot server yet because call is ongoing but have quit and reopened synergy a few times now. server and mac client both have multiple language keyboard inputs configured. is that the problem?
  26. Using Firefox browser on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, I saw mouse cursor moving purposefully around screen, changing the size of app windows and so on. It was clearly somebody who could see my screen and control the mouse. I'm running v1 since v2 was too buggy. I have a 46-device LAN including 4 Synergy PCs, all 4 Windows but 2 dual boot Ubuntu 18.04, iMac, iPad, iPhone, and Android phone; security cameras, etc., you name it. I had previously seen other bad behavior but never enough to prove a hack: this does. a) Has anyone else seen this? b) Are there software controls, in my computers or my cable modem or ISP, to combat it? c) Should I buy hardware like Trend Micro Home Network Security, Untangle or pfSense/Netgate, or other?
  27. For years now this has run smooth. Recently though the mouse will freeze for a few seconds during typing or just moving on the secondary computer. Both are Windows 10 with most recent update (which could be the issue, timing wise its consistent) Both use Logitech Software and Drivers (Same mouse on both comps) Running Synergy 1 latest version. Which i notice has not had an update in years. Why is this never updated btw? People pay for software and it gets ignored pretty much. This is confusing to me. I do not see any messages in the Synergy window. Honestly, if i cannot find a solution and considering the lack of updates to v1 i may just switch to something else.
  28. GeoffreyK

    Keyboard not working - Mac Server, Windows Client

    I'm having the exact same problem. Yes I have followed the instruction for fresh re-install on both server and client. Server side is iMac running 10.13.16 and client side is Mac Mini running 10.15.5. Don't ask me why I am running different versions of OS X. I read through all the posts about SecureInput stuff and some apps intercepting keystrokes etc. And I thought going with "Pro" with TLS encryption might help assuming the encryption will hide the messages etc. Silly me. It didn't help at all. I just wasted $9. _shrug_ I'm running: Version: 1.11.1-stable-55ec3105 Build Date: Mar 19, 2020 Any advice? Or should I go with another solution?
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