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  2. Need Help With Encryption!

    Hi, could you have a look at this post it has a build with a fix in.
  3. Need Help With Encryption!

    Hi there, For some reason when I enable TLS encryption I can't seem to connect my two PC's together even though its enabled on the client as well as the server. I receive this error message in the server: ERROR: secure socket error: tls certificate doesn't exist: C:\Users\pizza\AppData\Local\Synergy/SSL/Synergy.pem This is the error I receive on the client: ERROR: failed to connect to secure socket Is there a way for me to overcome this issue and have encryption enable on both sides? Thanks!
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  6. copy and paste not working? Windows 10

    Has anyone come up with a solution for this yet? I have 3 computers up and running with Synergy and two (windows 7 and windows 10) of the three are able to copy and paste with each other. The 3rd computer (windows 10) is a laptop connected wirelessly and while I can control the mouse and keyboard on this computer, it too does not want to copy and paste. Can Synergy drag and drop as well?
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  8. I'm using the Windows 10 machine as the server. I think this may be an issue with Catalina. Are you running that OS?
  9. I am just running into this myself, but my MacBook Pro is a 2012. Haven't had this issue before. Are you using the Mac or the Windows machine as the server?
  10. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    This fixed it for me
  11. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Hi there, I managed to resolve the issues manually by generating the SSL certs using a WSL shell. Great to see that you're working on fixing the issue though :-)
  12. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Hi, There is a development build available that has a fix for this issue in it, could you please give it a go Synergy v1.11.1-snapshot Thanks Jamie
  13. Error: "Server refused Client with our client name"

    Thanks. Me too. Clarification: The second set of log is when Laptop acts as Server and desktop is Client. Sorry if any confusion. Couldn't find a way to edit post.
  14. I just bought a new MBP 16" and it's unusable. Anytime I do any that opens, closes, or modifies something on my mac the cursor begins to get incredibly choppy for about 4 seconds. It makes the program a waste of money. It works fine with my 2012 MBP. I'm not sure what OS it was running, but my current MBP is on Catalina 10.15.2. I've changed the logging level for both client and server to debug and it seemed to help a little, but the overall problem still persists. They're both over the same wifi and have 100mb/s connections. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  15. Synergy 1.10.3 Issues

    I'm still experiencing this issue even after upgrading both the client and server to the latest version. After some period of time, items copied to the clipboard on the client do not get synced to the server. Items copied to the server's clipboard seem to still be copied to the client's clipboard, however. Server: Centos 7 running synergy-1.11.0-146.stable.b2173efb Client: Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 running synergy 1.11.0-stable-b2173efb
  16. Wow. Sorry you had so much hassle... hopefully the support guys will see it here. It looks like an active reject from the server, but I can't tell why from the log snippet.
  17. Hi Synergy Team. I hope you are all well. I tried to submit a trouble ticket, but kept getting Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG when going to Your support ticket form will not let me submit without a URL being generated from I made sure any and all Ad Blockers were disabled and still no success. Here is my Ticket though: I'm in need of help. I've been a proud user of synergy for quite some time now and love it! However, recently I had to do a factory reset on my laptop, and since then, I cannot get Synergy to connect. The server and client computers are set the same as they were previous to reset. I've tried every avenue of troubleshoot I personally can think of, which admittedly is very limited. I'd deeply appreciate you help. I'm confident that it is not a "Network Issue". Both computers are showing appriate IP addresses, and the "fingerprint" was requested and confirmed to match. Both computers reflect constant ongoing log updates showing the attempts and fails. The error I'm getting is as follows: - When Laptop acts as Client and Desktop as Server [2020-01-14T09:28:33] NOTE: connecting to 'Shy-Desktop': [2020-01-14T09:28:33] ERROR: tls error occurred (system call failure) [2020-01-14T09:28:33] ERROR: failed to connect secure socket [2020-01-14T09:28:48] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out - [2020-01-14T09:32:38] NOTE: connecting to '': [2020-01-14T09:32:38] NOTE: server fingerprint: 62:E5:4A:47:D0:AE:28:41:10:F9:84:5B:C0:2C:BA:5E:83:A7:7F:FF [2020-01-14T09:32:38] INFO: connected to secure socket [2020-01-14T09:32:38] INFO: server tls certificate info: /CN=Synergy [2020-01-14T09:32:38] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.3 [2020-01-14T09:32:38] ERROR: server refused client with name "Shy-Desktop" Please help me with this. Its driving me crazy. I love this program when it works.
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  19. Delay between screen transitions

    I finally got myself updated to the latest version 1.11 about a week ago. The problem still exists, only with a slight twist now. My guess is that because of the new feature that prevents the mouse from leaving the screen if it can't return I have noticed something new. When the server screen is locked and no enter password prompt is displayed, then the mouse works fine across both screens, and if left on the client machine continues to work fine. As soon as the password prompt is displayed the mouse is locked to the server screen, so far so good. However, the issue of the client being disconnected still exists when the server gets locked. It does not happen every time though. I have not yet determined if leaving the mouse on the client screen during lockout is what keeps the client alive when it works correctly, but that will be my next test.
  20. I guess I will try to request help with the link you provided. The logs from Synergy don't provide much information to investigate. Thank you.
  21. win server 2012 upgrade: synergy-specific firewall rules

    The following server rule, set remotely by my IT specialist, has solved the issue: Profiles: AllEnables: YesOverride: NoProgram : NayLocal Address: Address: AnyPort: Any
  22. Windows Clipboard -> Linux

    Just updated from 1.10.x to 1.11.x (pro of course!). Now stuff from Windows clipboard is not in Linux clipboard - it was working before - VERY FRUSTRATING. Summary: Server : ubuntu 19.10 x86_64 - Dell Laptop 16 GB RAM i7 etc etc Client : Windwows 10 64bit - Dell Laptop 16 GB RAM i7 etc etc (both on same IP net / VLAN, and connected to same Gbit switch) Clipboard direction : Linux clipboard -> Windows 10 - WORKS Windows 10 clipboard -> Linux - doesn't work Also - the annoying "problem" of the focus jumping "away" from Windows 10 client (e.g. on "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" prompt, or when attempting to login to Win10 / unlock Windows 10) is still there - and been there since "forever", is there an ETA for this bug? Or is this off the cards? Is enabling TLS encryption the cause???
  23. Hi all, Been using the same installation of Synergy since 2014 (still on 1.8.2), on an HP sever box with four network cards (4 local IP addresses), each IP is for a separate PC. Thus, Synergy is used to control 4 PCs and one server (the server is the "server", 5 screens total). Synergy was initially installed on a 2008 Server (I believe), and worked fine until recently. Last month, my IT (I am at a firewalled university) has upgraded my server to a 2012 R12, upon which connections to the server from the clients started to time out. Packets seem to reach where they should in network settings (no changes there). I found that now there is a firewall switched on by default, and that I do not seem to have permissions to switch it off ('group policy', probably wise). However, I seem to be able to create custom rules for inbound connections (tried it randomly for an IP address, no permission errors). May I ask for an example of how to write a Synergy-specific rule over an IP address? Alternatively, if I install a new version of Synergy would it be expected to set its own exception rules out of the box? (probably will have to pay an additional 29 quid to Nick Bolton, b.c. things has changed many times since then from private to business to private). Any hints would be greatly appreciated. I am not a PC/IT person, but I think I can figure this out. Let me know what logs I can post to make this easier to solve. Thank you in advance!
  24. Manual Screen Swap

    "I felt very stupid"... no need. Hey, I didn't know about it either!
  25. Manual Screen Swap

    Yeah, I ended up talking to a friend about it and he told me to try scroll lock. It worked. I felt very stupid. I guess I was so stuck on the thought that it would be a multi key command to prevent accidental use. Sorry guys. I got it all solved. Thanks for the help.
  26. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Note: Regarding the fix suggested by PlanetHack, a new bug in Git Bash may cause the initial slash in the subject to be expanded to the Git Bash exe's path. To avoid that, use two slashes for the certificate's subject. See for more. cd '/c/Users/myUsername/AppSettings/Local/Synergy/SSL' openssl req -nodes -new -x509 -keyout synergy.key -out synergy.cert -days 3650 -sha256 -subj "//CN=myComputerName" cat synergy.key synergy.cert > synergy.pem rm -f synergy.key synergy.cert Thanks @PlanetHack for the fix!
  27. Manual Screen Swap

    You can lock the mouse to a screen by toggling the scroll lock. Or you can set up custom hotkeys to manually change the screen or lock the curse to screen in the [Configure server] -> [Hotkeys] tab
  28. Manual Screen Swap

    I'll release this as an enhancement request, but one question: If the mouse is on position X,Y on screen A and you decide to work on screen B, at what position should it appear? And how would we handle queued clicks? Cheers...
  29. Manual Screen Swap

    I was kind of hoping that there would be some kind of manual way to switch in between screens, besides just moving my mouse in between screens. The issue that I am having is that when I am playing games and I look right then suddenly my mouse is on the other screen, and I have to stop what I am doing and move it back to my main screen. This is a hassle, and it's enough of a hassle that unless I can stop it this program is no good for me. Is there a way to lock the mouse to one screen, and then either unlock quickly, or transfer to the other screen with a keystroke?
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