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  3. Everything has installed okay and I can connect to the server from Windows 10. When I try connecting from my MacBook - screen name "MacBook" the log in the Ubuntu synergy says: [2021-03-03T09:19:43] INFO: accepted secure socket [2021-03-03T09:19:43] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.3 [2021-03-03T09:19:43] NOTE: accepted client connection [2021-03-03T09:19:43] NOTE: disconnecting client "MacBook" [2021-03-03T09:19:43] WARNING: unrecognised client name "MacBook", check server config [2021-03-03T09:19:43] NOTE: client "MacBook" has disconnected Any ideas on how to fix
  4. Hi Symless, Clever product but a long way to go to make this a seamless product (yes, intended pun) : Provide an option to auto-start when booting the server and client. Use auto-config as the default option When an incoming client request is received by a server, put the name of the client in window of "denied" clients (the log indicates which clients are being denied) Allow user to drag "denied" client into the "permitted" window. Your software is case-sensitive which means the user manually putting in the client name can cause numerous issues. On MacOS,
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hey Synergy works perfectly well on my Linux Mint (20.1) laptop as a client, but I can't get it to be a sever. Here's the output from my log: [2021-03-02T21:21:10] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Connection refused [2021-03-02T21:21:10] INFO: stopping synergy desktop process [2021-03-02T21:21:10] ERROR: process exited with error code: 9 [2021-03-02T21:21:10] INFO: starting server [2021-03-02T21:21:10] INFO: config file: /tmp/Synergy.czBCgo [2021-03-02T21:21:10] INFO: log level: INFO [2021-03-02T21:21:10] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients [
  7. I have one server and 2 client setup. the keyboard I am using is a wifi dongle one connected to the server. When typing on one of the clients with this keyboard I have no issues but when typing on the other client my keystrokes are incorrectly inputted. For example I will type 'a' on to the keyboard and 'r' will be inputted in to the client. This seems to be completely random and not application specific. for example, it doesn't matter if I'm using word, chrome, notepad. The issue resolves itself but it means that when it happens I have to use the client's native keyboard which then defeats th
  8. Last week
  9. Sennockian

    Settings not saving on synergy

    Same issue. Still a problem on 1.13.0-stable-bdb8f767
  10. This is not fixed in 1.13.x. Please either say that it is a bug, or explain how to resolve it for customers
  11. JeremyCarlsten

    Synergy minimizes full screen programs on Windows

    On 1.10.3 I found you can go to "server settings > advanced " and there is a "Don't take foreground window on Windows Servers" option. I'm thinking this is setting the above. Just upgraded to 1.13.0 same setting exists.
  12. Again, not working after couple days. Mouse is working fine. Keystrokes are not sent to Windows 10 client.
  13. Michael State

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    Any updates? I sincerely hope you are planning to comp everyone Synergy3 who paid for a license for Synergy2. We all paid for a service/software that is now basically bricked. You might want to Google the phrase "Class Action Lawsuit"...
  14. Dittto. I wouldn't have purchased this had I known.
  15. John Wylie

    Apple Silicon Build for ARM

    Please make a Universal Binary for Apple Devices. If built using XCode then this should be as simple as flipping a switch and making a new build. Thanks
  16. Marc NJ

    Mouse moves very slowly on client

    Similar mouse problem with Synergy 2.0 but in reverse and w/scroll vs movement speed. Mouse scroll speed on client is extremely fast. Mac is primary host. Windows 10 is the client. Using logitech mouse and keyboard. Whether I use the windows native mouse setting or the Logitech options to try and change scroll speed both have zero effect. Is there any way to control/change scroll speed on the client? I'm guessing whatever that is, if it exists would also control your mouse speed issue too.
  17. Just got everything installed on server and client, but I'm seeing the mouse move much slower on the client. Is there any way to speed up the mouse movement? Changing the typical mouse settings on the client PC has no effect. Turning on Relative movement on the server doesn't seem to change anything either.
  18. Key strokes were not sent to Windows 10 client from M1 mac mini (Big Sur 11.2.1). I added Synergy in Security&Privacy->Privacy->Input Monitoring. Now it works fine.
  19. Siva

    New Mac (M1) ARM Chip Support

    Key strokes were not sent to client from M1 mac mini (Big Sur 11.2.1). I added Synergy in Security&Privacy->Privacy->Input Monitoring. Now it works fine.
  20. Tomauzi

    Multiple monitor setup

    I´m not able to config my setup as desired, altough synergy is a great tool. My 4 Display Setup: (3 Displays at Desktop, 1 at Client Notebook) Server 3 - Client Server 1 - Server 2 Setting in Synergy --- Client Server ------ ->I can not reach the client. When I set in Synergy Client ----- Server ---- I can reach the client while going over the top of Server3 First I tought that I did not fully understand the instructions, but thanks to this thread, I learned that I´m not alone
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  22. IamUSER


    Very cool! Thanks @Craig Falconer!
  23. Tampa

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    So currently Synergy 2 is not supported on most modern systems, which means I have to fiddle around with it to get it to even work on a system. You want to move to version 3, but that is not even on the horizon yet it seems. You are actively, heavily, looking for new folk to help development. So much so that you spam via newsletter to try and find someone. This paints a dire picture of the state of Symless. Maybe release the source, close up shop, go to business school and do some online courses on programming. Sorry to be so blunt, but expecting paying customers when
  24. Solidmixer

    Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac, No Shift Keys

    I have the same issue as well. PC server, mac client, mac is running Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to a different PC and no modifier keys work. Is there anything I can gather/reproduce to troubleshoot this further?
  25. Tinkering with Synergy 1 Pro 1.13.1(rc) downloaded today, my Kubuntu client (20.04 LTS) quit connecting to my Windows 10 (20H2) instance also on 1.13.1rc from today. I created this Linux install about a week ago and had some updates to run. After doing so, i could no longer get Synergy to connect. The windows instance (server) was waiting fro clients, and I'd made the appropriate firewall holes with Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security (for the service "synergy" as well as "synergys.exe" and "synergyd.exe" - all ports, all interfaces). The Kubuntu instance was g
  26. Edward A.

    version of basic synergy for mac os sierra

    Hi there, the link posted above does not seem to work, is there a more recent link? this was the link above. https://support.symless.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004915378-Legacy-Operating-System
  27. km-link

    Trouble with multi-language input

    @Seonghyeon Kim Same here. Also having trouble interchanging between English and Korean. Seems like someone already worked on this a few years ago? https://ommokazza.blogspot.com/2017/07/synergy_19.html I don't know why the official build doesn't have this fix yet.
  28. cyberish

    Need to download older version for ML 10.8.5

    Hi ! can you please repost , relink the latest installer which works on Mountain Lion please? thx P.S: I just found that: https://sourceforge.net/projects/synergy-stable-builds/files/
  29. chris315

    Can't enter server

    Never mind...
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