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  3. chrisa_thrasosmedia

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    Realy disapointed that you are willing to take our money, but not have a solid solution set. I understand bugs and little things that get weeded out. But a full failure to use the software is unacceptable. If you cant do it, kindly refund everyone that has paid for version 2. Your product is awesome when it works. LOVE IT. Please help.
  4. Last week
  5. This is also an Huge issue for me. After I come back to my MACS after a time of inactivity one of the 3 has this showing which make synergy useless as you have to remote into the Mac to restart synergy.
  6. anobiS

    HOWTO: CentOS 7 install

    I'm stuck at the same step... did you ever found a solution?
  7. Never mind, I found it!! As well as some other things, upon additional inspection. /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.symless.synergy.v2.ServiceHelper.plist /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.symless.synergy.v2.ServiceHelper /Library/LaunchAgents/com.symless.synergy.synergy-service.plist Can confirm that removing these files made the notification go away. All's well now. Thanks, guys!
  8. Was there ever a resolution to this? I am having the same problem, but can't seem to locate the com.* file.
  9. Earlier
  10. Note - I tried to upload logs for a support request but it wouldn't work.
  11. I have 2 laptops, each with one external monitor above it, so it looks like a 2x2 grid, where the left 2 squares are Computer A, and the right 2 squares are Computer B. Computer B is the host. For this post, I will refer to each screen as "A:Top" or "B:Bot", like so: |-------|-------| | A:Top | B:Top | |-------|-------| __________________ |-------|-------| | A:Bot | B:Bot | |-------|-------| I have successfully connected using both Synergy 1 and 2, but with both, I have this weird problem. I cannot make my mouse go directly from B:Bot -> A:Bot. I can, however, go from B:Top -> A:Top, and from A:Top -> B:Bot. In other words, I can go in a continuous counter-clockwise circle around the entire system, but if I go clockwise, my cursor will get stuck on the leftmost edge of B:Bot. What's the deal? Is this fixable?
  12. NathanJD

    Problems using Synergy with Games

    Thanks @Patrick Brockway! This is the exact issue I am experiencing. Mouse look in the following games is unusable due to insane acceleration: EverQuest, World of Warcraft. Changing the polling rate seems to have no effect. I went to the roadmap so submit my request but it seems that both "advanced gaming support" and "other" have been removed. I guess Symless never intends to fix this. :(
  13. TrueSkyDemon

    Issue: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    Yeah same here, my boss called me yesterday told me his Synergy 2 suddenly stop working, so I ask him to try reinstall it but he can't login after, so I tested install it on my Windows 10 laptop and it just keep ask to sign in to symless after authorize.
  14. Ian Newborn

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    Over a month new since new devices could be added. Pathetic.
  15. Calm

    Issue: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    This issue is still present, correct? My Windows machine connected fine, but my Mac (10.15.4) clean-installed today can't login. I was hoping to leverage Synergy2 given they machines are on separate subnets.
  16. Eidur Gudmundsson

    Error Code: -65541

    same problem on mac os 10.15.4 catalina , I dont understand what is happening. it does not work more then 1 day.the crashes
  17. CodySydney

    Can't disable the clipboard

    Hi, On Win10/64 I'm using synergy 1 Pro v1.11.1 Stable. I want to disable the clipboard, and there's a checkbox for that, I know. It works, until I reboot or restart the Synergy+ app at which point the checkbox is checked again. Secondly, about 3 times a day my client just stops talking to the server. They're both Win10/64, same Synergy 1 version. Network connections are set to Private. Both are on 100gb ethernet on the same switch. After a couple of retries the connection comes back. the logs show the connection was lost then reestablished. So I know it's not firewalls, name resolution etc. I'm puzzled. I know the IPs are correct. I'm stumped as to what could make this issue intermittent. Anyway any ideas with either issue would be great. Cheers
  18. BlindRain

    Same Synergy Client to Multiple Servers?

    I have a use for this as well. any updates on this?
  19. Peter Cornelius

    Connection Refused

    I was trying to connect Synergy 1.11.1-stable with an Ubuntu server and windows client. The above was the problem but I was able to just use the IPV4 address of the server in the client config and it started working.
  20. Kingfoot

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    I just revived my mac mini to work on some development stuff and it's running the latest macOS as client, with latest Win 10 as server. I get a ton of lag and the video streaming case definitely fixed the lag completely until the video ended. I don't have the capacity to run two k&m on this desk so this is quite inconvenient. Is this issue still being looked into?
  21. Client mini icon periodically becomes a red circle with a slash through it. While one would assume its indicating Synergy 1 Pro is non functional, strangely, the client is functioning correctly at that time.
  22. Richard John Allen

    Gesture Support for Magic Mouse and Trackpad on Mac client

    According to this week's news about Synergy 3, scheduled for release in 2023, this is a targeted feature but there is still a caveat that they don't know whether this is even technically possible. After logging this in 2016, now waiting for a possible in 2023....it's disappointing. Doesn't look as if anyone in the development team is a big Mac user or trying to use this on 2 Macs for their everyday work as they would soon realise that Macs without gestures are really very limited....
  23. vikemosabe

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    That's good to know. I may try using my Mac as the host. However, I'm hesitant to change what I have working currently.
  24. Tyrilean

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    I've been using Synergy for quite some time with no issue. I've got a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch and a Dell G5 15. They both are running over wifi, and for quite some time, I've been running the MacBook as a server, and the Dell as client. This has worked perfectly. Yesterday, I went to reorganize my cable management, and moved the peripherals over to the Dell (much more efficient since the MacBook is pure Thunderbolt connections), and swapped them out. Now the Dell is the server, and the MacBook is the client, and I'm getting constant lag. I haven't changed versions of Synergy, or the position of the laptops. This is clearly a Windows->Mac problem.
  25. Alexey Pilyaev

    Issue: Synergy and macOS Catalina

    Hello @Hiroshi Currently we are experiencing Synergy 2 beta login issue and aware of the problem. Our developers are working on the fix but at this moment I do not have any ETA for you.
  26. Hi Alexey, All my windows machines already have elevate set to always to fix the screen jumping during UAC prompts.
  27. Alexey Pilyaev

    Clients don't reconnect after server sleep

    Hello Tom. On your Windows machines can you please go to Edit-Setting and set Elevate to Always?
  28. Alexey Pilyaev

    Keyboard focus problems (all Mac setup)

    Hello @drbill Hm. This is interesting. Can you please use the link in my signature and place a ticket for us? I think we need to talk with the dev team regarding your issue.
  29. BNR34

    Known issue: Synergy 2 sign in bug

    Guys this was all working until 5 days ago... I have tried uninstall / reinstalling to no available. I'm going to try version 1 to see if that works =(
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