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  2. Mitch Claborn

    Big Sur (11.0.x) Release

    I am having an issue, not quite sure where the problem lies. My server is Ubuntu 20.04. Client is MacOS Big Sur 11.1. Both are running Synergy 1.13. When I copy text on the Ubuntu server and then paste it into an application on the Mac, the pasted text shows up as a bunch of Chinese (or Japanese) characters, not the English that I copied on Ubuntu. I upgraded to 1.13 and Big Sur at the same time, so it is something to do with one of those. I did not have this problem with the previous versions of Synergy and MacOS.
  3. Last week
  4. marinegeek23

    Failed to accept secure socket

    Had this same issue with 1.13 on Win10 20H2/Ubuntu 20.10 in 2021 and this answer still works :)
  5. Alexey Pilyaev

    Intermittent Disconnects

    Hello @pyang I am here to help you. Can you please provide me with Synergy screenshots from both computers? Also, how you upgraded Synergy? Fresh install or via update notification?
  6. Alexey Pilyaev

    Big Sur (11.0.x) Release

    Hello @Mitch Claborn I will be happy to help you. Actually, BigSur is fully supported with the latest Synergy 1.13 version ( you can find it on our website ). Do you have any issues?
  7. Mitch Claborn

    Big Sur (11.0.x) Release

    What is the ETA for the build with official Big Sur support?
  8. gonzobrains

    Choppy mouse movement on client

    I started experiencing this a week ago after months of no problem. I'm using Synergy 1.11 on a Mac server and Windows client. I tried upgrading to the latest today but I still have the problem. I'm using a wired connection with both computers on the same switch.
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if ya'll had any ideas about this. I've been running synergy for a while no problem im on windows 10 server and a 10.15.7 Mac Os Catalina as the client. I recently just upgraded to the 1.13 version (i was on 1.11 with same issues). For some random reasons whatsoever, it started to do this thing where the client would intermittently disconnect from the server every once in a while with the error showing [2021-01-20T09:08:50] WARNING: failed to connect to server: server is not responding This would cause my mouse and keyboard to freeze for 3-5 seconds befo
  10. had this issue to - one day keyboard worked as a charme, next day it did not classic solution - 2nd law of support - unplug the device and plug it in again - best practice on a different usb port worked for me ...
  11. I have also trouble with my setup. MacOS Big Sur as server 1.13.0-stable-863f70a5 -> Windows 10 as client 1.13.0-stable-bdb8f767 Both are set up to use an internation keyboard with dead keys. I can write umlauts like äÄ but cant write quotes. Not single and not double quotes, that makes it quite hard to code on the Windows machine. If I press the quote key and then space nothing happens, while I expect that a quote appears.
  12. Setup: Windows keyboard connected to Windows 10 system running Synergy 1 Pro (1.12.0), Host Second system is an iMac running Synergy 1 Pro (1.12.0), Client Everything works, except if I use the iMac to connect to an office computer-- also an iMac-- via MacOS Screen Sharing, then the modifier keys (ALT, CMD, etc.) do not pass through the connection to the office iMac system. It simply doesn't "hear" them. (?) Is this normal, expected behavior? Or is there something I can do to correct this? Thanks for any assistance!
  13. Adam Darby

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    Did you ever get this fixed? I disabled TLS and it made it WORSE . . .
  14. Running Synergy 1 Pro 1.13.0-stable-863f70a5. Mac 11.1 OS running Synergy server. Windows and Mac Clients. All running same version. Worked fine yesterday and earlier. Today, no keyboard on either client except Windows key and Control key on Mac. All systems have been rebooted. Still not working.
  15. FWIW, I am starting Synergy mostly from the command line. If I open the Synergy 1 app, it always asks me to reconfigure (even without a restart). No idea why that is. Not sure if it is even related as I start the client from the command line without issue.
  16. I recently purchased Synergy. The server (v. 1.13.0) runs on a Mac (Big Sur). The client (also v.1.13.0) runs Pop_OS! 20.10 (based on Ubuntu 20.10) with the Gnome desktop environment. The client has no dedicated mouse/keyboard so Synergy needs to run at the login screen (i.e., before login). If I run Synergy after login (either starting manually or via the PopOS start-up manager), Synergy works as expected. The only problem is getting synergy to start before login. I tried the autostart configuration recommended by Symless for GDM (with the necessary changes of folder `gdm3` instead
  17. Earlier
  18. km-link

    Multiple monitor setup

    I have the exact same problem. Now I have to travel to the right most monitor and move my mouse to bottom dead corner to switch screen. I think this issue deserves a priority and Synergy 1 Pro users would definitely want this ASAP since 3 is planned to be released in 2023. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. X-Line

    Stop Synergy from Running on Startup (OSX)

    Yes please can someone answer this? I don't use Synergy all the time, and when I do I will launch it. I don't need it to run on startup and take up system memory. Thanks
  20. Ahhhhaaaa - another important piece of information. I noticed that it is writing the configfile info to my download folder: C:\Users\<MyNameHere-DaveR>\Downloads\SystemConfig.ini\Synergy This is probably not where you meant to have the config file stored.... Hope this helps, DaveR Note - If you are looking for a beta tester for the next version count me in - I am running Kali on my Pi4 and Windows (for now)...
  21. Hello, Just purchased the software today and had the SAME issue on the server side. Very repeatable ( tried 10/15 times with various process changes, etc). I am running the 1.13 stable version. I resolved this by running/starting it w/admin rights. After this, and after saving the "settings to the computer" since it was losing my client information, the activation key would stick AND the software would not try and re-install. Not sure why, but this not an issue now. Just wanted to share - let me know if I can help - thanks, DaveR
  22. 'bitly' is the windows system with the keyboard/mouse 'markm' is the linux box log.log
  23. I'm on the latest synergy: 1.13.0 I have hot keys defined to switch to the linux box (ctrl-f12) and a hotkey to switch back to windows (host) (ctrl-f11). Synergy usually works fine with my setup and configuration, but in some situations when I switch to the linux box with ctrl-f12, I can move the mouse cursor but it's not taking any key presses.
  24. jpmeijers

    Ubuntu 20.04 Support?

    I also tried to follow the steps in this gist (https://gist.github.com/xenophonf/89baf03558f82f42c5a378abce2f5655), using libssl ubuntu5.5, and also getting an error when I launch synergy-config.
  25. joebob

    Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    AirDrop was the culprit for me. I noticed it got really bad when I opened my phone to send a photo to someone. Disabled AirDrop from Finder on the Mac side got rid of the repeating stickiness.
  26. Is there a fix for this yet? It really is putting a monkey wrench in the awesomeness of this app.
  27. As mentioned in the post, I upgraded both machines to 1.13 and am still having the issue. I will email support. Thank you.
  28. Mitch Claborn

    Big Sur (11.0.x) Release

    What is the ETA for the build with official Big Sur support?
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