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  3. OpenSSL function error on Linux

    You may need to use v1.10.2, please go ahead and open a support ticket so we can help you with that.
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  5. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    I am having the same isssue with version 1.10.3, I believe the problem might be related with having special characters on the name of the user folder. Hope it helps. Cheers!
  6. Service start error on Windows

    Tried the fix and it worked perfectly. Thanks for staying on top of things!
  7. OpenSSL function error on Linux

    Where do I find this distribution? I have debian 10.
  8. Dual monitor client

    Hi there! Are you asking if Synergy supports clients that have multiple screens? If so, the answer is yes. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  9. Service start error on Windows

    Thanks, yes this the correct solution. I have updated my first post.
  10. One-Way Clipboard Sync

    A feature I'd like to see that would actually make the clipboard sync feature useful for me is a "one-way" sync. Here's what I mean. I copy text or a file on a client PC, and it copies it to the server's clipboard where I can paste it. However, if I copy anything on the server and then move back to a specific client, what I copied does NOT sync to the specific client device. I'll give a real-world use case. I have a work PC as a client and my personal PC as a server. Sometimes, it's helpful to copy snippets of text and URLs from the work PC to the clipboard and move them over to my personal PC. However, there are some personal things I NEVER want syncing to the clipboard of the work PC. As it stands to keep personal files or other data from accidentally being synced to the work PC, I have to completely disable the clipboard sync feature.
  11. Service start error on Windows

    Yes installing the latest VC++ redistributable fixed the issue.
  12. Hello. I have synergy v1 server on linux, and client on Windows. For me dont work alt + key (Polish keyboard installed), letters like ąćń etc. Also cant lock windows when use win key + l - do you have idea how to map keys? Can be other key, for alt or windows key. Reggards
  13. Last week
  14. Good afternoon, I am having problem installing the 1.10.3.stable package on Debian 10.1. Following error below: ./synergy_1.10.3.stable_b120+ca35737a_debian_amd64.deb: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline ' ./synergy_1.10.3.stable_b120+ca35737a_debian_amd64.deb: line 1: `! <arch> '
  15. Service start error on Windows

    So what is the correct VC++ redistributable? I am using Windows 10 home x64. Synergy installation synergy_1.10.3-stable_b126-ca35737a_windows-x64.msi. I have MSVCR110.dll but also have MSVCR120 in SxS. Let me know if I can help resolving this (I have some time).
  16. Download previous versions?

    Thanks Nick. I'll give the update a try here soon.
  17. Download previous versions?

    Ah, looks like Alexey misread the OP. We're planning to add past versions to our download page, but in the meantime please open a support ticket.
  18. Download previous versions?

    Alexey - you didn't answer my question. If the latest version causes issues for me, and I want to then revert to a previous version, are the older version installers available for download somewhere?
  19. Hotkey for server and client

    Can you please use link in my signature and place a ticket for us?
  20. Download previous versions?

    Hello Mark, Now you are welcome to give a try with latest 1.10.3.
  21. Mouse not moving smoothly from server to client

    Hm. Can you please install from fresh latest 1.10.3 version and give a try?
  22. Invalid key message

    Can you please use a link in my signature and place a ticket for us with your account information?
  23. Over enthusiastic DNS

    Hm. Can you please use link in my signature and place a ticket for us?
  24. Synergy disconnecting if I do not stay on the client

    Can you please clarify your OS's?
  25. Mouse spin in games on client.

    Can you please clarify your OS's and Synergy version?
  26. ERROR: tls error occurred (generic failure)

    Can you please provide me with the logs from both machines?
  27. Can you please clarify your OS's and Synergy version you are using?
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