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  2. Synergy 2 Release date.

    Synergy 2 has been deprecated. A new "major version" (we in the community call it Synergy 3) will be coming in the next few years and an alpha will be coming later this year, supposedly. Keep your eyes peeled!
  3. There's a good chance this'll be added amongst other things to the next major release of Synergy coming in the next few years. For now, I suppose you could make a script that would monitor an interface for an address that's part of a particular IP subnet and when that condition is met, to kill the Synergy process(es).
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  5. Apple's very picky about services that start before the login prompt, especially if you have Gatekeeper enabled. This is for a very sensible reason, unlike a lot of the other things that they do - let the wrong application run before you login, and it could keylog your user/system password. There are ways to auto-logon your machine, however, if you want a middle ground between finding a keyboard to type in your password every time you need to log on and removing the password entirely. However, because I don't remember this off the top of my head, you'll either have to Google search it yourself or rely on one of our other forum members to help you out. I look forward to your reply.
  6. I give up...

    @John J I'm terribly apologetic and sincerely sorry that Synergy hasn't been the solution for you. Symless as a company prides itself on its ability to recognize that Synergy doesn't work for everybody and that other solutions will work better for people with certain implementations. While your solution may not have been with the Synergy product, on behalf of the Synergy team and the moderation team here on the forums, we are happy that you have found a solution that works well to boost your productivity. If you'd like to ever reconsider Synergy when the development team has some of the more prevalent issues sorted out, we'll welcome you back with open arms. If you'd like a refund for your licenses, feel free to contact support and the team over there will get you fixed up with a refund for your license(s). Until then, we wish you well with your newfound productivity and efficiency.
  7. Just tried this option, and it does work after login. Unfortunately that does mean that on any reboot I still need a keyboard attached to do that first login, since I won't remove the password.
  8. Server sending caps lock to Mac OS client

    Can confirm that the both shift keys solution solved it for me. I'd tried quite a few other things, including sticky keys settings and some IME input settings for turning off capslock with shift key. The weird part of this was that the client capslock is off, the server capslock is off, and separately the machines identify the setting correctly. However, when using the server keyboard on a client, it gets all garbled, and capslock/shiftlock is on.
  9. I've noticed that when scrolling will stop, if i move my cursor back to my main/host Win10 machine....once I move my cursor back to the other machines scrolling will work once again. I didn't have this problem before, I feel like it just started happening within the past month'ish.
  10. Synergy 2 Release date.

    Does anyone know when this is coming out? I am really hoping to use the web broker feature.
  11. How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

    So I did what Jonathan Sparks said and I still cannot get it to work. It does all work with the dns name if I am not on my vpn but if I enable my vpn it stop working with the timeout error. I tried on maybe different ports also. I have my computer that is on the vpn as my client and the computer that is not on the vpn as the server. Is this right?
  12. Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

    Found 2 Bugs today: (1.20.2) 1)->Display name can be entered with spaces... will give a problem on restart with parsing the config 2)->Starting server and client simultaneously (maybe server a little bit slower) - i managed to get client login(pin) into focus - and could not change back to serverscreen login.... mouse not working - had to type in /login on client machine (focus still on login box) - the mouse was working again and I could log into server machine. No problem with the bugs - may be you are interested
  13. @Aphoid this is a Chrome clipboard issue, normally, the text sent to the clipboard can sometimes not include the carriage return.
  14. I'm running Synergy 1.10.2 with an Ubuntu 19.04 server and macOS 10.14.6 client. If I cut from one of my linux terminal windows and paste it directly into an Office 365/Outlook web view on Safari or Chrome, any carriage returns don't carry over, however, if I paste into a text editor, terminal window editor, or Office365/Outlook in Firefox, the carriage returns follow. ORIGINAL linux terminal: Chromium-based browser (WaveBox 4.11.2. Chrome 76.0.3809.100 behaves identically) Safari (narrower window than above): Nano running in iTerm: VSCode: NOTE that if I paste into the working areas, and then reselect and paste THAT into Outlook, it gives the expected result. Further note, this only happens on the web version of Outlook. the native macOS version (16.16.12) is fine:
  15. Mac Goes To Sleep, Synergy Disconnects

    Hi Daniel, Gotcha. So just a Mojave issue. I'm not having issues with High Sierra clients. Thanks for the update!
  16. Mac Goes To Sleep, Synergy Disconnects

    @nataliaperez Wake on Lan is in the Synergy roadmap, but for now, if the computer goes into sleep mode, Synergy client will disconnect.
  17. Since i removed my old laptop and configured another the Server PC continues to log the following every 2 seconds [2019-08-14T11:27:16] WARNING: unrecognised client name "C*****-Lap154", check server config [2019-08-14T11:27:16] NOTE: disconnecting client "C*****-Lap154" [2019-08-14T11:27:16] NOTE: client "C*****-Lap154" has disconnected [2019-08-14T11:27:19] INFO: accepted secure socket [2019-08-14T11:27:19] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.2 [2019-08-14T11:27:19] NOTE: accepted client connection My new laptop is connected but this consistent process that seems to be firing is causing my controls in the client laptop to consistently freeze up making the experience nearly unusable. I cant seem to shake the log of the old deleted client. I have cleaned and reinstalled 1.10.2 on both pcs, What can i do next? Thanks
  18. Hi there, I'm currently sharing my keyboard/mouse from a Mac Pro to a 2018 Mac Mini. Mac Pro (server) is on High Sierra and Mac Mini (client) is on Mojave. Issue: Mac Mini goes to sleep, Synergy client disconnects. Is there a preference or update that solves this?
  19. Guide for autostarting Synergy on MacOS before login

    @slapkey Synergy 1 doesn't have a built-in auto-start feature on macOS (unlike Windows). We have added an auto-start feature to Synergy 2 Beta for all operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux) but don't we don't plan to add this to Synergy 1. There is a manual way to do it though. Simply right-click on the Synergy icon in your dock, click Options, then click Open at Login. Does that work for you?
  20. Mouse movement problem

    @Desdenova please note that this kind of custom placement of monitor per computer will be better supported in a future version of Synergy. For now, switching on the edge is possible only on the screen on the right side with the widest resolution.
  21. Hi all, synergy v:10.1.2-stable server: fedora 30 64bit client: Windows 10 pro 1903 64 bit. On the client side does NOT work Win+L it does not lock the screen also ctrl+alt+del to get to blue screen with the options. Another combination as win+d or win+r work just fine.
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  23. I'd like to be able to restart my Mac without having a keyboard and mouse attached at all, so I'd need Synergy running before and after login, with copy & paste working. When searching the internet, the only replies I found were from a decade ago. Does anyone have a current guide?
  24. Hotkeys not working

    Hi, Same on Ubuntu 18.04 (synergy 1.10.2). Complicates my daily work. @Andrew Nelless @Joe Abasolo
  25. Scripting Synergy

    Hi, Can we script Synergy? Like from bash I would drag the mouse to x,y on the screen of the other PC and type something? Thank you
  26. Mouse movement problem

    Hello, First of all the program works like a charm , i love it! I do have a small problem. I have a 2 different 4 monitor setups right next to each other like below. S1 S2 C1 C2 S3 S4 C3 C4 When moving the mouse from Left sides of Client1-3 the cursor correctly moves to the right sides of Server 2-4 monitors, but when i move the mouse cursor from S2 to C1 it appears on top of C1 sometimes C2 , and when i move the cursor right from S4, it just never shows up anywhere on Client monitors. I'm guessing this has something to do with my settings Please help Thank you
  27. Synergy 2 Installer Crash macOS

    Same for me. Ejecting the time machine volume works, but that is not a viable solution.
  28. Hey, First of all, this software is amazing. I've got my laptop sitting on a docking station beside my desktop computer at home and during that time I find Synergy very convenient. However, when I take my laptop elsewhere away from my desktop and work with it, I have to manually disable synergy to prevent accidentally remote controlling my desktop at home. I am suggesting a feature, that would enable Synergy users to add rules for automatically enabling/disabling Synergy on the Synergy clients. For example, in my use case a simple rule of "Disable/Enable Synergy on client {laptop-client} if connected to network: {network-name}". What are your thoughts on this kind of functionality on Synergy? Best regards, ~piksu
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