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  2. I know, I know. It is an early beta. But just in case someone can help, here is the error my mac (as a client) gives me since I installed the beta: "The Executable /applications/ could not be successfully started, although it does exist. Please check if you have sufficient permissions to run this program" I believe I have given all the permissions required, but still get this error. Any assistance for an admittedly early (too?) adopter would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  4. I recently updated Windows 10 to its latest current version (1903) and have noticed that the Synergy icon (64 bit version) has disappeared. Nothing I do seems to fix it. Any suggestions?
  5. Backslash (alt Gr + ?) changes screen focus

    I too have this issue. I've brought it up with support, no resolution as of yet.
  6. How about a Howto?

    Note: Install instructions don't belong hidden a few menus deep into the Help section. That;'s where someone goes to file a ticket. Install instructions need to feature prominently, best together with download and purchase.
  7. How about a Howto?

    I have bought the Synergy Pro version. I am looking up and down on the website for instructions on how to install. I find blogs telling me why people left Synergy, and why "being transparent is important," but for the life of me, I can't find a few obvious lines telling me what to do to install the thing. I want to use Synergy to KVM from Windows to a Centos machine and a few Ubuntu boxes, and all I am thrown is a file each. Alright, I can install a Windows app by myself. I know how to install a DEB and an RPM. Now would you please tell me what next?????????
  8. They abandoned development of V2 months ago. They're maintaining V1 while working on V3 from scratch, and they're moving all V2 customers to V3.
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  10. The idea is very simple, I have two computers and prefer to use one monitor. The monitor has two HDMI inputs and surprisingly responds to VCP Control codes, but it only listens to the active HDMI input. Normally, I'd have AutoHotkey running the same "switch inputs" script (found here) on both PCs, but I'd have to take a blind guess that the PC I am switching to is behaving and that it has correct focus. This made me absolutely excited to see if you, the developers, would implement such a feature. My suggestion is to have some kind of preference where a computer can either: Run a command on the PC receiving focus (via cmd.exe in Windows or a shell command in Linux/Mac OS X) Run a command on the PC that loses the focus Anyways, I understand this is pretty niche, but I can't be the only one that would like to extend and customize what happens on the computer they switch to! Any suggestions? Is there already a way to do this or has someone found another method more convenient? Thanks for reading.
  11. Taskbar auto hide

    I just installed Synergy. I have a 2 PC setup. I have my client Taskbar auto hide. How does this work with Synergy? How can I un-hide my taskbar on my client?
  12. Sure, my server is a Mac (Mojave 10.14), and the client is Ubuntu 18.04. It's actually only mis-aligned the first time i move the mouse over after either machine has been asleep - so, not so big of a deal now that i know how/where to look for the mouse cursor. But it did lead me to think Synergy wasn't working at all until i was able to locate the cursor. Thanks.
  13. Can you give information on the OS and connection type being used?
  14. I have two PC's side by side. When i move the mouse from the Server (left) to the client (Right side) the mouse cursor doesn't immediately appear. Instead, the mouse cursor seems to be way below the right-hand monitor and i have to scroll way up before it appears. Before you ask; Yes, the server setup has the machines side-by-side (client machine is immediately to the right of server machine) . Thanks in advance.
  15. I've set up Synergy on my network. The host machine uses Ubuntu 18.04. I can't find the config file. There is no config file under ~/.synergy. I'd like to try and see if I can do keymapping: One of the client machines is a Mac, and the keymaps in the Screen Settings don't work. So, where exactly is the config file? Thanks.
  16. I am fed up with you guys ref. to progression and development processes and leadership. There been years in development of the version 2, and its still in beta!! I used synergy to improve my work processes, especially at home office use, but i have waited for a stable version for v2 now so long that i have given up. I have instead invested in a physical switch for separate pc-clients in ref to monitor and keyboard interfaces and file transfers etc. The v2beta is so full off bugs that its not something i can count on daily work (i must restart the synergy-config process 5 times a day at least, if i use vpn you can double that). From a former customer. AJ
  17. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I am having the same issue. Both server and client are Win10 1903.
  18. Can I do this???

    Ok thanks!
  19. Can I do this???

    Currently you cant do this, as synergy classes each client as a single virtual screen spanning all attached monitors. It is part of a future feature i would like to add but currently its not in the planning cycle.
  20. hello ! I'm using version 1 of synergy, and I always use keys mapping but I have an issue. I would like to sent a push to talk button on my client computer with like x key. it works perfecty but this key is not sent anymore on my server computer, exactly on application not oppened as administrator But when I open Discord as administrator on my server computer, now it works perfectly and keys are sent on every computer. This happens on games too, on my server computer. I can't open steam game as administrator so these keys doesn't work anymore. How can I solve this issue ? Thanks for help
  21. Can I do this???

  22. I've been using synergy for many years without any problems until now. I've got a new win10 machine and can't connect to it. I see this error: 2019-06-18T11:05:04] ERROR: tls error occurred (generic failure) [2019-06-18T11:05:04] ERROR: openssl error: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number [2019-06-18T11:05:04] ERROR: failed to connect secure socket I've got firewall rules in place. I'm using the latest version 1.10.2 on both the win7 server and the new win10 machine Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
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  24. Can I do this???

    Hi all, Only just started to use Synergy and like it very much! (apart from a little sketchy when UAC pops up on client machine) Is it possible to use it on three screens like my diagram below: Layout: Monitor1 Monitor2 Monitor3 Client1 Server Client1 Thanks! Ash
  25. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I have another idea. You may want to try and play around with network metric (in network connections right click adapter -> properties -> ipv4 properties -> advanced -> bottom part of the window). But be aware that this can break other programs. But if you give you local network really low number (1) then it's higher priority.
  26. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi Petr, The PC that is NOT on the VPN cannot ping the PC while the VPN is up. Randy
  27. Use with one computer on VPN?

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that you are getting set of IPs from VPN that's same with the one on your local network. Then i suppose Synergy would timeout (trying to connect to machine from VPN network rather than local one). Speculation : If server is the machine with VPN, client should be able to connect fine since it doesn't see VPN addresses.
  28. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi SaraR, I get the timeouts too. Hopefully JDDoesIT can figure out if it is possible for our scenarios. Thanks for your post, Randy
  29. Linux Server, Mac Client Running AWS Workspaces

    Similar issue with Mac OS 10.14.5 client with and Amazon Workspaces. Synergy client is running on Windows 10. I can control the Mac just fine, but the only the mouse works within WorkSpaces; keyboard is non-responsive. Tried disabling anti-virus, but no change.
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