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  2. Can I do this???

    Hi all, Only just started to use Synergy and like it very much! (apart from a little sketchy when UAC pops up on client machine) Is it possible to use it on three screens like my diagram below: Layout: Monitor1 Monitor2 Monitor3 Client1 Server Client1 Thanks! Ash
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  4. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I have another idea. You may want to try and play around with network metric (in network connections right click adapter -> properties -> ipv4 properties -> advanced -> bottom part of the window). But be aware that this can break other programs. But if you give you local network really low number (1) then it's higher priority.
  5. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi Petr, The PC that is NOT on the VPN cannot ping the PC while the VPN is up. Randy
  6. Use with one computer on VPN?

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that you are getting set of IPs from VPN that's same with the one on your local network. Then i suppose Synergy would timeout (trying to connect to machine from VPN network rather than local one). Speculation : If server is the machine with VPN, client should be able to connect fine since it doesn't see VPN addresses.
  7. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi SaraR, I get the timeouts too. Hopefully JDDoesIT can figure out if it is possible for our scenarios. Thanks for your post, Randy
  8. Linux Server, Mac Client Running AWS Workspaces

    Similar issue with Mac OS 10.14.5 client with and Amazon Workspaces. Synergy client is running on Windows 10. I can control the Mac just fine, but the only the mouse works within WorkSpaces; keyboard is non-responsive. Tried disabling anti-virus, but no change.
  9. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi JDDoesIT, Thank you for your post. What I am trying to get to work is very simple. I have 2 PCs running Windows. They are both on the same LAN with private IP space. When I connect one of them to a VPN for use on my company network, I cannot get Synergy to work. Problem occurs no matter which of the two PCs I make the server. Please try this out and let me know if you are able to get it to work. Thanks, Randy
  10. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Hi Petr, I was unable to get it to work whether I had the PC that was on the VPN be the server or the other way around. Both of the PCs are running Windows. Thank you for the post. Randy
  11. Three finger Swipe on Client

    Any update? This is a really, really important issue for Mac users
  12. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I've been trying to stick with Synergy 1 as Synergy 2 has been perpetually in beta. Maybe it would be fine. But, it generally works pretty well except for this one annoyance. I was hoping the detailed writeup my help someone fix it. Maybe some day!
  13. Login failed! Session IP address mismatch

    Hello same issues . any fix for this yet?
  14. Synergy 2 Installer Crash macOS

    same here... looks like it's not gonna be fixed ever...
  15. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Thanks, Petr So, are you saying that with PC-1 as the server, you can get to PC-2 when it is connected to VPN? I’ll give that a try. The one on the VPN is what I have tried as the server. I’ll report back with results. Thanks again, Randy
  16. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Thank you so much!! Worked for me Windows 10 primary, kubuntu 18.10 secondary
  17. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I am using this regularly. PC-1 (Windows machine, server) and PC-2 (Linux notebook, client). I have VPN started on the PC-2 and everything works fine. I do have standard 192.168 network at home. VPN gives me completely different set of network so perhaps that would be problem.
  18. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I have the same question. Both of my computers are on the same LAN and one is just connected to a VPN for another network. When trying to use the machine with the VPN as the server the connection times out. Thank you.
  19. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Can you detail out the scenario so that I can test it out for you? Meaning, are they on the SAME LAN and one is just connected to a VPN for another network? Or is one on the LAN and the other is VPN into that LAN
  20. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    Nice analysis, RobS! It's not just at login/logout/screen lock -- it's the same behavior any time a request for administrator password is made -- disconnect for five seconds before and after. I also recall not having the issue on Synergy 2, but the occasional "can't connect to Synergy Central" issue eventually drove me back. I just prefer setting up my display config manually. Work has since gone VPN crazy, so I might have other issues getting Synergy 2 to work now, but I haven't tried it. I find Synergy 1 plenty good enough for my needs now.
  21. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I just switched to synergy 2 and it doesnt have the same problem on there...
  22. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I still haven't heard anything back from the team. I've since had to move on and am purchasing a physical KVM to work with my setup. While this is a small issue to some, for me it was enough to drive me crazy after 2 weeks.
  23. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I have the same issue: Client: Windows 10 Version 1803, Synergy Version 1.10.2-stable-8c010140, on a Dell box with external monitor. Server: MacOS 10.14.5, Synergy Version 1.10.2-stable-8c010140, on Macbook Pro. Screen Configuration: client (Dell) monitor is above the top edge server (mac) screen. To reproduce: 1. Connect, mouse moves smoothly from mac to Dell when dragging above top edge of mac screen (good). 2. Drag mouse onto Dell screen. Click the windows button in the bottom left corner. Click the user icon and choose "Lock" from the menu to go to the lock screen. 3. Observe that the mouse immediately jumps to the server screen (mac). 4. Immediately try to drag the mouse above the top edge of the screen to click on the Windows lock screen. Observe that the mouse hits the top of the screen and won't go to the Windows screen. Keep trying for around five seconds. Eventually it goes,. 5. Click on the lock screen to show the password entry box. Mouse disconnects again and is unable to go back to the Windows screen for another fives seconds. 6. After five seconds, can move mouse to top screen again. Log into Windows. Again, the mouse goes back to mac and cannot go back to Windows screen for another fives seconds or so. Note that looking in the log in the Synergy app on the mac side, I see the following posted after locking the Windows screen: > [2019-06-14T08:49:35] NOTE: client "Dell" has disconnected And then after five seconds it automatically reconnects after which it works again: > [2019-06-14T08:49:40] NOTE: client "Dell" has connected I'm not sure why synergy disconnects when the screen is locked, when the password entry box is shown, and when the login is finished. But that is the root of this problem. If we can avoid this disconnect or cause the reconnect to happen much faster then it would alleviate this issue. Please let me know if I can provide further info.
  24. Mouse spin in games on client.

    I've searched and found posts a year+ old, hoping something recent has changed. When trying to use my mouse on a client playing a game (such as world of warcraft) if I click and drag the camera it starts spinning wildly. In previous thread it said to use "Relative mouse moves" but that doesn't do anything for me. I even reversed the connection to try it that way but it still spins. Any way to fix this? I'd upgrade to get beta access on Synergy 2 if it is fixed in that version.
  25. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Can Synergy be used across two computers where one is on a VPN and the other is not?
  26. Linux Server, Mac Client Running AWS Workspaces

    Now I'm having problems with the copy/paste buffer inside of Amazon Workspaces with Windows 10 as the client OS and Windows 10 as the server OS. Keyboard and mouse work fine, but I can't get text to copy in either direction.
  27. Bump. Still not working between a Mac Server and a Windows client. The only gesture that works is the 2 finger scroll
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