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  2. Do you have any problems with Synergy 1? We'd be happy to try to help solve them for you if you wish...
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  4. When does Synergy 2.1 release?

    Refer to the above response. Please create a new post if you have any questions
  5. When does Synergy 2.1 release?

    Hi Stewart, I can't speak to the Wayland support specifically, but according to this post on their blog (last paragraph) it sounds like V2 development has been scrapped entirely with an early alpha version of V3 expected later this year (and a stable version in 2-3 years' time.) Whether V1 will receive Wayland support in the meantime, I have no idea. Cheers, Sarc
  6. Hi, sorry to dig up an old post. Where did you hear this? Edit: Nevermind, see the last paragraph here:
  7. I give up...

    At this time, I don't know that, but I suspect after the bugs are ironed out and the development team is stabilized, Synergy will have a lot easier of a time rolling out new features, better cross-platform support, better support, etc. For now though, I perfectly understand if this solution doesn't work for you. I just ask that you check out Synergy 3 after it becomes generally available and see if it would be a better fit for you.
  8. I give up...

    @Kelvin Tran Wouldn't rule it out, but what would it provide above and beyond barrier at this point? That's the question.
  9. Synergy 2 Release date.

    If you keep your S2 license, you'll get access to the next version when it comes out. If you're set on getting a refund, however... @Nick Bolton @Daniel Alarcon Any way we can help him out?
  10. I give up...

    Thanks for your feedback, @JKip and @krb686. Everything I said to John J. applies to you all as well. Would you re-consider trying Synergy after a few years when the new version has been released with the bugs worked out? Thanks!
  11. I give up...

    Yep, I couldn't agree more. Been using synergy for years without issues with some of the earlier versions. I liked it so much I purchased the synergy 2 beta and never got it to work so I went back to my synergy 1 basic. That worked OK for a bit longer, and now things have come crashing down. I was running OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, and couldn't get the client to connect to my Win10 server for the life of me. Firewalls off, wireshark open, watching packets come in to my Win10 box on the right port and...nothing. Ended up re-installing my distro due to other issues and decided to switch over to Leap, now here I am again trying to get synergy to work, and it seems rather futile now, mired in this missing OpenSSL dependency problem. Yes, I've tried the symlink suggestion, but the latest version of synergy apparently requires openssl 1.0.2, while the current Leap 15.1 comes with OpenSSL 1.1, and has 1.0.0 available for install - neither of which satisfy this dependency of course. All in all, I'm sure it's doable with a bit of focused effort, but I'd rather be spending my time developing real projects, not getting my mouse sharing software I purchased to actually run. Time to try something else.
  12. Thanks for the response. I do want to keep my login password, but I'll try googling some more to get it going before login.
  13. Synergy 2 Release date.

    So for those of us who purchased Synergy 2, and over a year later are still trying to get a refund, what are we supposed to do? I supposedly have a ticket (89272) but either there is no way for a paid customer to access the ticketing system, or it's so well hidden that it's not possible to find. At this point, I just want my money back. -- George
  14. Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    Actually, there's an update. It looks like the lag on the Ubuntu client is pretty bad too. I don't remember this product being so challenging to use the last time I tried it (a couple of years ago) are there regressions?
  15. Synergy on Client Mac Lagging

    Server: Ubuntu 19.04 Client, macOS 10.13.6 Mouse lags *horrifically* on the mac. I have an Ubuntu 19.04 client in the setup too and it works better, with occasional lag, but the mac situation is dire. This desperately needs a fix. What can I do to help? If you don't have plans to fix this can you please let me know how I can arrange a refund and who your competitors are so I can find a workable solution? Tx!!
  16. keyboard input sometimes ignored for some Java programs

    I'm also having this problem in JetBrains WebStorm (from the same company as PyCharm). Same setup as the OP, Windows server and Mac client. This just started for me after I upgraded WebStorm to version 2019.2, but it seems like it's affected other editors for much longer. The cmd+tab workaround is a handy tip at least.
  17. I give up...

    So, I have been using Synergy for quite a while. My main system just recently crashed, and I purchased a new system. I tried installing both Synergy 1 and it would not connect with the other systems. I tried uninstalling, changing configs, no luck. So, I moved on to Synergy 2, it comes up to the box that says login to your symless account and opens a browser, which does not work. Instead, he opens up an https://https: and gives a page not found. Tired of messing with it; Going to try barrier. JKW
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  19. Synergy 2 Release date.

    Synergy 2 has been deprecated. A new "major version" (we in the community call it Synergy 3) will be coming in the next few years and an alpha will be coming later this year, supposedly. Keep your eyes peeled!
  20. There's a good chance this'll be added amongst other things to the next major release of Synergy coming in the next few years. For now, I suppose you could make a script that would monitor an interface for an address that's part of a particular IP subnet and when that condition is met, to kill the Synergy process(es).
  21. Apple's very picky about services that start before the login prompt, especially if you have Gatekeeper enabled. This is for a very sensible reason, unlike a lot of the other things that they do - let the wrong application run before you login, and it could keylog your user/system password. There are ways to auto-logon your machine, however, if you want a middle ground between finding a keyboard to type in your password every time you need to log on and removing the password entirely. However, because I don't remember this off the top of my head, you'll either have to Google search it yourself or rely on one of our other forum members to help you out. I look forward to your reply.
  22. I give up...

    @John J I'm terribly apologetic and sincerely sorry that Synergy hasn't been the solution for you. Symless as a company prides itself on its ability to recognize that Synergy doesn't work for everybody and that other solutions will work better for people with certain implementations. While your solution may not have been with the Synergy product, on behalf of the Synergy team and the moderation team here on the forums, we are happy that you have found a solution that works well to boost your productivity. If you'd like to ever reconsider Synergy when the development team has some of the more prevalent issues sorted out, we'll welcome you back with open arms. If you'd like a refund for your licenses, feel free to contact support and the team over there will get you fixed up with a refund for your license(s). Until then, we wish you well with your newfound productivity and efficiency.
  23. Just tried this option, and it does work after login. Unfortunately that does mean that on any reboot I still need a keyboard attached to do that first login, since I won't remove the password.
  24. Server sending caps lock to Mac OS client

    Can confirm that the both shift keys solution solved it for me. I'd tried quite a few other things, including sticky keys settings and some IME input settings for turning off capslock with shift key. The weird part of this was that the client capslock is off, the server capslock is off, and separately the machines identify the setting correctly. However, when using the server keyboard on a client, it gets all garbled, and capslock/shiftlock is on.
  25. I've noticed that when scrolling will stop, if i move my cursor back to my main/host Win10 machine....once I move my cursor back to the other machines scrolling will work once again. I didn't have this problem before, I feel like it just started happening within the past month'ish.
  26. Synergy 2 Release date.

    Does anyone know when this is coming out? I am really hoping to use the web broker feature.
  27. How to use Synergy between local LAN and VPN connected PCs

    So I did what Jonathan Sparks said and I still cannot get it to work. It does all work with the dns name if I am not on my vpn but if I enable my vpn it stop working with the timeout error. I tried on maybe different ports also. I have my computer that is on the vpn as my client and the computer that is not on the vpn as the server. Is this right?
  28. Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

    Found 2 Bugs today: (1.20.2) 1)->Display name can be entered with spaces... will give a problem on restart with parsing the config 2)->Starting server and client simultaneously (maybe server a little bit slower) - i managed to get client login(pin) into focus - and could not change back to serverscreen login.... mouse not working - had to type in /login on client machine (focus still on login box) - the mouse was working again and I could log into server machine. No problem with the bugs - may be you are interested
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