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  2. Can we get a quick update for 1903?

    has this been resolved? have been using MWB in the interim but figured id check back in as id prefer to use this.
  3. Error: "Server refused Client with our client name"

    HI All, I'am the same issue with my computers called CCC-5 et CCC-6 May be the - is not allowed ? regards Luc
  4. Synergy 2 is back to beta

    They went back to maintaining v1, in fact they've released a few revisions and a minor version since.
  5. Last week
  6. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    The snapshot worked for me to. Thanks!
  7. When I went to input a support ticket the other day, No version of CentOS was available in the drop-down list. I had to select Fedora. The Fedora list is also out of date. Fedora is up to version 31. Please update your support pages.
  8. Invisible Mouse Cursor When on Other Computer on macOS

    i just upgraded to the latest Pro version and it still does this. Is there going to be a fix?
  9. Raspberry Pi headless Synergy 2 server

    I too would like this feature... I am currently typing this on a crappy mac keyboard because my main machine is installing a new flavor of linux. It would be awesome to just hide a headless pi somewhere and always have synergy around.
  10. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Had the same problem, Windows 10 Pro on both server and client Disabling/Re-enabling TLS did not help Used GitBash in Windows following @planetehack's instructions and problem was fixed immediately. @planetehack++
  11. Synergy 2 is back to beta

    So with that said, how active is the development on version 1? Forgive me, I'm coming back after a long period of non use...
  12. Synergy 2 is back to beta

    It's still closed, but not in the same sense of the word: before, it was closed as in private; now, it's closed as in abandoned. Symless announced that no further development will be done on Synergy 2. It'll just be scrapped and a new Synergy 3 will be rewritten from scratch. It'll probably take a couple more years to be done, but they might release an early alpha in the following months. All purchased licenses of Synergy 2 will be automatically moved to Synergy 3.
  13. Can't install Synergy 2.0.12

    Some minor corrections / recommended changes: dpkg-deb -R whateverVersionYouDownloaded.deb nameOfFolder cd nameOfFolder mv usr/lib/systemd/system/synergy.service usr/lib/systemd/system/synergy.service.dpkg-new cd .. && dpkg-deb -b nameOfFolder synergy2.deb
  14. Synergy 2 is back to beta

    Sorry to resurrect a Zombie, but what is the status of Synergy 2? Is it still in closed beta?
  15. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Thanks Jamie, this snapshot build worked for me as well.
  16. Need Help With Encryption!

    Hi, could you have a look at this post it has a build with a fix in.
  17. Need Help With Encryption!

    Hi there, For some reason when I enable TLS encryption I can't seem to connect my two PC's together even though its enabled on the client as well as the server. I receive this error message in the server: ERROR: secure socket error: tls certificate doesn't exist: C:\Users\pizza\AppData\Local\Synergy/SSL/Synergy.pem This is the error I receive on the client: ERROR: failed to connect to secure socket Is there a way for me to overcome this issue and have encryption enable on both sides? Thanks!
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  19. copy and paste not working? Windows 10

    Has anyone come up with a solution for this yet? I have 3 computers up and running with Synergy and two (windows 7 and windows 10) of the three are able to copy and paste with each other. The 3rd computer (windows 10) is a laptop connected wirelessly and while I can control the mouse and keyboard on this computer, it too does not want to copy and paste. Can Synergy drag and drop as well?
  20. I'm using the Windows 10 machine as the server. I think this may be an issue with Catalina. Are you running that OS?
  21. I am just running into this myself, but my MacBook Pro is a 2012. Haven't had this issue before. Are you using the Mac or the Windows machine as the server?
  22. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    This fixed it for me
  23. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Hi there, I managed to resolve the issues manually by generating the SSL certs using a WSL shell. Great to see that you're working on fixing the issue though :-)
  24. SSL certificate doesn't exist

    Hi, There is a development build available that has a fix for this issue in it, could you please give it a go Synergy v1.11.1-snapshot Thanks Jamie
  25. Error: "Server refused Client with our client name"

    Thanks. Me too. Clarification: The second set of log is when Laptop acts as Server and desktop is Client. Sorry if any confusion. Couldn't find a way to edit post.
  26. I just bought a new MBP 16" and it's unusable. Anytime I do any that opens, closes, or modifies something on my mac the cursor begins to get incredibly choppy for about 4 seconds. It makes the program a waste of money. It works fine with my 2012 MBP. I'm not sure what OS it was running, but my current MBP is on Catalina 10.15.2. I've changed the logging level for both client and server to debug and it seemed to help a little, but the overall problem still persists. They're both over the same wifi and have 100mb/s connections. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  27. Synergy 1.10.3 Issues

    I'm still experiencing this issue even after upgrading both the client and server to the latest version. After some period of time, items copied to the clipboard on the client do not get synced to the server. Items copied to the server's clipboard seem to still be copied to the client's clipboard, however. Server: Centos 7 running synergy-1.11.0-146.stable.b2173efb Client: Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 running synergy 1.11.0-stable-b2173efb
  28. Wow. Sorry you had so much hassle... hopefully the support guys will see it here. It looks like an active reject from the server, but I can't tell why from the log snippet.
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