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  3. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Thanks, Petr So, are you saying that with PC-1 as the server, you can get to PC-2 when it is connected to VPN? I’ll give that a try. The one on the VPN is what I have tried as the server. I’ll report back with results. Thanks again, Randy
  4. Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    Thank you so much!! Worked for me Windows 10 primary, kubuntu 18.10 secondary
  5. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I am using this regularly. PC-1 (Windows machine, server) and PC-2 (Linux notebook, client). I have VPN started on the PC-2 and everything works fine. I do have standard 192.168 network at home. VPN gives me completely different set of network so perhaps that would be problem.
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  7. Use with one computer on VPN?

    I have the same question. Both of my computers are on the same LAN and one is just connected to a VPN for another network. When trying to use the machine with the VPN as the server the connection times out. Thank you.
  8. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Can you detail out the scenario so that I can test it out for you? Meaning, are they on the SAME LAN and one is just connected to a VPN for another network? Or is one on the LAN and the other is VPN into that LAN
  9. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    Nice analysis, RobS! It's not just at login/logout/screen lock -- it's the same behavior any time a request for administrator password is made -- disconnect for five seconds before and after. I also recall not having the issue on Synergy 2, but the occasional "can't connect to Synergy Central" issue eventually drove me back. I just prefer setting up my display config manually. Work has since gone VPN crazy, so I might have other issues getting Synergy 2 to work now, but I haven't tried it. I find Synergy 1 plenty good enough for my needs now.
  10. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I just switched to synergy 2 and it doesnt have the same problem on there...
  11. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I still haven't heard anything back from the team. I've since had to move on and am purchasing a physical KVM to work with my setup. While this is a small issue to some, for me it was enough to drive me crazy after 2 weeks.
  12. Delay in cursor move around Windows login

    I have the same issue: Client: Windows 10 Version 1803, Synergy Version 1.10.2-stable-8c010140, on a Dell box with external monitor. Server: MacOS 10.14.5, Synergy Version 1.10.2-stable-8c010140, on Macbook Pro. Screen Configuration: client (Dell) monitor is above the top edge server (mac) screen. To reproduce: 1. Connect, mouse moves smoothly from mac to Dell when dragging above top edge of mac screen (good). 2. Drag mouse onto Dell screen. Click the windows button in the bottom left corner. Click the user icon and choose "Lock" from the menu to go to the lock screen. 3. Observe that the mouse immediately jumps to the server screen (mac). 4. Immediately try to drag the mouse above the top edge of the screen to click on the Windows lock screen. Observe that the mouse hits the top of the screen and won't go to the Windows screen. Keep trying for around five seconds. Eventually it goes,. 5. Click on the lock screen to show the password entry box. Mouse disconnects again and is unable to go back to the Windows screen for another fives seconds. 6. After five seconds, can move mouse to top screen again. Log into Windows. Again, the mouse goes back to mac and cannot go back to Windows screen for another fives seconds or so. Note that looking in the log in the Synergy app on the mac side, I see the following posted after locking the Windows screen: > [2019-06-14T08:49:35] NOTE: client "Dell" has disconnected And then after five seconds it automatically reconnects after which it works again: > [2019-06-14T08:49:40] NOTE: client "Dell" has connected I'm not sure why synergy disconnects when the screen is locked, when the password entry box is shown, and when the login is finished. But that is the root of this problem. If we can avoid this disconnect or cause the reconnect to happen much faster then it would alleviate this issue. Please let me know if I can provide further info.
  13. Mouse spin in games on client.

    I've searched and found posts a year+ old, hoping something recent has changed. When trying to use my mouse on a client playing a game (such as world of warcraft) if I click and drag the camera it starts spinning wildly. In previous thread it said to use "Relative mouse moves" but that doesn't do anything for me. I even reversed the connection to try it that way but it still spins. Any way to fix this? I'd upgrade to get beta access on Synergy 2 if it is fixed in that version.
  14. Use with one computer on VPN?

    Can Synergy be used across two computers where one is on a VPN and the other is not?
  15. Linux Server, Mac Client Running AWS Workspaces

    Now I'm having problems with the copy/paste buffer inside of Amazon Workspaces with Windows 10 as the client OS and Windows 10 as the server OS. Keyboard and mouse work fine, but I can't get text to copy in either direction.
  16. Bump. Still not working between a Mac Server and a Windows client. The only gesture that works is the 2 finger scroll
  17. Why is Synergy disconnecting if I do not stay on the client computer? As long as I stay on the client screen for a few minutes synergy stays connected. I usually end up having to reboot the client machine. I am using 2.0.12-beta
  18. Check if you have an option called Client Isolation in your router, and make sure it's disabled.
  19. Synergy 2 UNOFFICIAL Edition 2 Documentation

    I only get the message " You're all set! Please return to Synergy ". Both on my Mac and Windows
  20. Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

    You can follow the first part of this help guide:
  21. Yeah I think something is going on at the AP level. I'll h ave to take a look tonight and report findings back here. The tracert results are normal and good. 5 hops to with one 27ms ping in the middle everything else under 10ms. Thanks for your help!
  22. If neither device can't ping either other you may have a network problem. Or there are filtering rules occurring in the network that blocks certain types of traffic. Try running a tracert to google or and see if any device responds to the ping in the local network. It should look something like this PS C:\Users\Jamie> tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 3 35 ms 6 ms 6 ms 4 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms 5 14 ms 15 ms 15 ms 6 22 ms 23 ms 25 ms ##.####.### [] 7 22 ms 21 ms 21 ms [] Except for you the first few hops should be in the range
  23. Should also be noted, I can not ping either computer in either direction.
  24. Unable to download after purchase

    The issue has since been fixed For some reason, The subscription was giving a license but the download controller didn't respect that
  25. Hello! I've tried a few things here and read several other posts with similar subjects. Those were all fixed primarily by making sure machines were on same subnet. Using Synergy 1.10.2 Win10Pro IP: MacOS 10.14.5 IP: --- Tried Server mode on Windows and on Mac. Have no results either way. Both machines are on the same subnet, Turned off all firewall rules on Win10Pro and Turned them on and made sure the synergy ones were configured. All looks good. Same results. The windows machine does show some additional external IP's but they aren't active. Only one IP on the mac. Here are the debug logs with Windows as a server and mac as client. Mac IP is These are connected to a ubiquiti wireless access point and getting dhcp from that device. No Domain or anything but they are on different work groups if that matters. At first I thought this was a firewall issue with windows. After verifying the rules, and then disabling all firewall features and having no different results. I then reversed the connection with windows as client and Mac as Server. Same exact errors just from different sides. (and different ip listed) I feel like it's a communication thing perhaps. Something on the AP maybe? Any assistance is helpful, Thank you! From Windows with windows as Server: [2019-06-11T09:04:27] INFO: connecting to service... [2019-06-11T09:04:29] INFO: connection established [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc disconnect, closing stream [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc client disconnected [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc client proxy removed, connected=1 [2019-06-11T09:04:18] INFO: process started but command is empty, shutting down [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: start ipc handle data [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc read: ISDN [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: finished ipc handle data [2019-06-11T09:04:18] INFO: got ipc shutdown message [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: event queue is ready [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: unregistered hotkey id=1 [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: adopting new buffer [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: discarding 1 event(s) [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: closed display [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc disconnect, closing stream [2019-06-11T09:04:18] NOTE: stopped server [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc disconnect, closing stream [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc client disconnected [2019-06-11T09:04:18] DEBUG: ipc client proxy removed, connected=0 [2019-06-11T09:04:19] DEBUG: process 13536 was shutdown gracefully [2019-06-11T09:04:28] DEBUG: accepted ipc client connection [2019-06-11T09:04:29] DEBUG: start ipc handle data [2019-06-11T09:04:29] DEBUG: ipc read: IHEL [2019-06-11T09:04:29] DEBUG: finished ipc handle data [2019-06-11T09:04:29] DEBUG: ipc hello, type=gui [2019-06-11T09:04:29] INFO: service status: idle ---Logs from Client (mac) [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: starting process [2019-06-11T09:08:35] INFO: starting client [2019-06-11T09:08:35] INFO: config file: /var/folders/tc/wjhskbd96jg8wk7jsjg_bsb40000gn/T/Synergy.L21276 [2019-06-11T09:08:35] INFO: log level: DEBUG [2019-06-11T09:08:35] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: screen shape: center=0,0 size=1280x800 on 1 display [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: starting watchSystemPowerThread [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: adopting new buffer [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: opened display [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: started watchSystemPowerThread [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: waiting for event loop [2019-06-11T09:08:35] NOTE: started client [2019-06-11T09:08:35] NOTE: connecting to '': [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: openssl version: OpenSSL 1.0.2o 27 Mar 2018 [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: waiting for carbon loop [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: event queue is ready [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: add pending events to buffer [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: signalling carbon loop ready [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: starting carbon loop [2019-06-11T09:08:35] DEBUG: carbon loop ready 2019-06-11 09:08:35.866 synergyc[21297:2863711] starting cocoa loop [2019-06-11T09:08:51] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out [2019-06-11T09:08:51] DEBUG: retry in 1 seconds [2019-06-11T09:08:52] NOTE: connecting to '': [2019-06-11T09:08:52] DEBUG: openssl version: OpenSSL 1.0.2o 27 Mar 2018 [2019-06-11T09:08:53] WARNING: failed to connect to server: cannot connect socket: Host is down [2019-06-11T09:08:53] DEBUG: retry in 1 seconds ----repeats retry and warning failure from here---
  26. Synergy 1.10.2 Finally Released

    First, happy birthday! I think I've been using Synergy since very near the beginning. Second, too bad about Synergy2, I actually like it and it's worked well for me. But since it's going away, what is the proper way to uninstall it? I'm going back to the latest 1.x version I guess. Thanks in advance
  27. Unable to download after purchase

    Hello, I have recently purchased Synergy 1-year subscription, but since the purchase I have been unable to download it. When I click the link, it redirects back to the account page. I have lodged a request for support on the Synergy website, but no reply so far. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
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  29. Oh forgot to mention that Windows 10 and Ubuntu are both using the latest version of Synergy 1.
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