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    Hello, my setup is as follows: Server: macos mojave, synergy pro 1.10.1-stable-8941241e. Logitech "Mouse Performance MX" Configuration: section: screens mockduck: alt = meta meta = alt super = alt halfDuplexCapsLock = false halfDuplexNumLock = false halfDuplexScrollLock = false xtestIsXineramaUnaware = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 end section: links loin: left(53,100) = mockduck mockduck: right(0,100) = loin(53,100) end section: options relativeMouseMoves = false screenSaverSync = true win32KeepForeground = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 end Client: Windows 10, same synergy version My issue is that the scroll wheel on the mouse will not scroll the windows 10 start menu. The start menu scrolls as expected with the mouse connected directly to the windows machine. Additionally, there are buttons on my mouse (such as the zoom button, which in macos is bound to show mission control) which are captured by macos even if my cursor is on my windows screen. Is there a way around that? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Does Synergy 2 support the sort of config I have listed above? The reason I switched back to synergy 1 was that I had no way to specify screen edge to screen edge mapping between machines, and I want my pointer to visually appear visually at the same real world height as it crosses screen boundaries)