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Dean Howell

Tri-monitor Windows 10 and single head 15.10 don't work

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I have always used a private network for Synergy at work so that my mouse.keyboard activity it thrown all over the corporate network. This has worked great for me in the past. My latest configuration doesn't work well... Attached is a screenshot of my monitor configuration in Windows 10. Laptop screen is 4k, at 200% scale to simulate 1080p. Two 1080p monitors are above it. To the right is my Xubuntu 15.10 workstation. Windows 10 is the server, Xubuntu 15.10 is the client. Both running 1.7.5. Connection works great! However, I am unable to move the cursor over to the Xubuntu screen. Attached also is a screenshot from my server config. [attachment=0]Capture2.PNG[/attachment][attachment=1]Capture1.PNG[/attachment]

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