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Grant March

Client & Server Windows 10 - no cursor on client

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This configuration is fine =============== Server: Dell XPS 15 Ubuntu 14.04 Client: Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 10 This configuration has a problem - cursor disappears from Server but does not appear on Client =========================================================== Server: Dell XPS 15 Windows 10 Client: Dell Inspiron 1720 Windows 10 Server log: ======= [2015-12-08T17:08:09] INFO: starting new process [2015-12-08T17:08:09] INFO: activeDesktop:Default [2015-12-08T17:08:09] INFO: starting new process [2015-12-08T17:08:09] INFO: drag and drop enabled [2015-12-08T17:08:09] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients [2015-12-08T17:08:09] INFO: watchdog status: ok [2015-12-08T17:08:10] NOTE: accepted client connection [2015-12-08T17:08:10] INFO: accepted secure socket [2015-12-08T17:08:10] NOTE: client "DELL1720" has connected Client log: ====== INFO: connnected to secure socket INFO: server ssl certificate info: /CN=Synergy NOTE: connected to server Any help would be greately appreciated. Thanks

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