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Joshua Parnell

Application Terminal Server

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So... here's an idea. And I have no expectation for seeing this any time soon, but it's worth a shot. Have a dedicated hardware Synergy server. You could probably use a RaspberryPi for this with a quick and dirty linux distro set up on it. This raspberry has 6 or so micro USB ports on it. You connect a USB cable to it and the computer you want to use as the "server" and install an application to the "server" client (i.e., the client that hosts the keyboard/mouse). You configure your server and then connect your clients (up to 5 more) through USB and install the client app on them. The raspberry acts as the control unit for the positioning of the mouse / keyboard, but also acts as the FTP server for drag n drop between clients. And, get this, you could also use this raspberry to host terminal services, so you could (in theory) drag and drop program windows that are still running on your "server" client, but display on your other clients (think RDP or Citrix apps). I'm thinking something like WinConn Any chance in hell this will happen? Most likely not. But it's an idea I've been playing with for a couple years now.

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