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John Bilodeau

Mac won't register

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John Bilodeau
I haven't heard back from support in a couple of days and I figured I'd throw this out to the masses. My Mac using 10.10 won't register using the wizard and I need to be able to encrypt the data between two systems. Synergy support had me do the following: ____________________________________________________________________________________ First, find the md5 hash of your password. Make sure there's no trailing newline. Here's how I do it: $ echo -n thisisagoodpassword | md5 679b89d6d1be4c3cc921643f2f6ca9e1 Then run /Applications/Synergy.app/Contents/MacOS/syntool --login-auth This will give you an empty line. Type in your email address, followed by a colon, followed by the md5 of the password above: $ ./syntool --login-auth [email protected]:679b89d6d1be4c3cc921643f2f6ca9e1 If it worked, you should get: {"edition":"1","result":true} Otherwise you should get: {"result":false} _____________________________________________________________________________________ doing this from my Mac always results in {"result":false} I also tried it from my Windows System which the wizard did work on, using c:\program files\synergy\syntool.exe --login-auth but even on a different system I get {"result":false} I've reset my password to ensure it was correct but all with no luck. Any help would be appreciated as I purchased this a month ago and would love to be able to use it.

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