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Krishna C Bulusu

Issues connecting Mac and Ubuntu

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Krishna C Bulusu
Hi all/Synergy team I just paid $10 and installed the latest 1.7.5 version on my Mac, and plan to use it as a client with the keyboard and mouse connected to my Ubuntu as the server. I have run into 2 issues. 1) Installing the latest version on my Linux system using 'sudo apt-get install synergy' does not work as it installs only version 1.4.12, which is as you can guess is pretty old. I still went ahead with the configuration to test, and Synergy on my Mac (client) gives out an 'incompatible client 1.4' warning before failing. 2) With regard to matching screen names, the FAQs suggest that the name auto-detected by Synergy is the one to be used. However, this auto-detected name is different from the one I find under Preferences->Sharing. Also, this starts with a number and the entry box to assign the client screen name on the server side (Linux) does not seem to accept digits. Any guidance for either/both the above issues would be much appreciated. Cheers Krishna

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