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Eric A.

Win 10 Server, Mac OSX Client, MicrosoftRemoteDesktop Issue

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Server: Windows 10 Synergy 1.7.5 Client: MAC OSX Synergy 1.7.5 Network: Wired Using Microsoft Remote Desktop Application on the MAC OS does not allow the Shift modifier to work into the Machine being remote controlled. I have Win 10 as the Synergy Server. On the MAC OS X, Synergy Client, I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop to control a 3rd machine (A Windows 7 machine). The Shift Modifier does not work on the Machine being remote controlled. Shift modifier works on the MAC OS X (Synergy Client) just fine. It seems the shift modifier does not filter down into the RDP Session. I find myself having to use two keyboards to use Microsoft Remote Desktop application. Using a keyboard connected to the MAC machine allows shift modifier in the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application. This allows me to believe that the issue is with Synergy. Anyone have any ideas? This is similar to a Citrix issue I have been seeing floating in the web. Thanks Eric

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