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Ehsan Mahmood

Multimonitor mouse shift configuration assistance

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I am trying to achieve the best synergy mouse "shift" from server to client and vice versa but having some trouble due to either synergy's limitation or Windows display configuration (server & client are both win10), but I can't figure out which one.To best describe my setup, I have created a simple diagram below. monitor-cable & screen config Client Now when I move my mouse from my laptop to VGA connected "screen 2" the top edge is used - Perfect Server When I move my mouse from my PC DVI "screen 2" to the HDMI "screen 1" the top edge is used - Perfect Now my issue is moving from server to client and vice versa. I want to be able to move directly across the left edge from Server "screen 2" to Client "screen 2" OR bottom edge of server "screen 2" to Client laptop "screen 1". However, I cannot get the correct config set up in windows or synergy to do this. Synergy Config enter image description here The best I could do was move the mouse up from "screen 2" to "screen 1" in the server and then shift to the left edge to get to my client "screen 2". This is not the best way because my screen 2 will not be on at all times (its a wall-mounted TV). What is the best configuration to make it so the left or bottom edge of server "screen 2" is used to move to the client? I think the issue might be that my AMD graphics card is prioritizing the HDMI display as 1 and DVI as 2 even though I set the DVI display as the "main display" in windows configuration. How can I fix this with out switching out the inputs? Thanks.

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