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Bottom Row - DevPc - Synergy Server - Win10 - 3 2560x1440 Monitors A,B,C Tow Row - DevServer - Synergy Client -Win 7 - 1 2560x1440 and 1 1900x1200 D,E (in windows these are aligned to the bottom edge in multi monitor setup) My monitor stand is setup as D,E A,B,C It looks like synergy has centered my top row, so every time I move the mouse up, the cursor jumps to the left. I'd was trying to introduce an X shift in the config file adding (640,0) but then synergy complains when I apply that config file with "invalid interval (640,0)". I'd like to virtually shift the top row to the right so that if I move the mouse up from center of B, that it appear in the center of E. Right now, if I go up from the center of B, I enter near the bottom right of D This is my current config: section: links DevServer: down = DevPc DevPc: up = DevServer end I had tried section: links DevServer: down(640,0) = DevPc DevPc: up = DevServer(640,0) end but synergy won't accept this config file.

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