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Todd Minear

Delay with 3-way system

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Todd Minear
Hello, First - I wanted to say thanks to all those contributing to Synergy development. Thanks! I read some other posts about delay problems (delay in switching from one system to another) but did not find any that matches what I'm seeing. Here's what I have (all are on 1.7.6) #1 is Ubuntu 14.04 as server (on my far left) #2 MS Win 7 desktop as client (in the middle) #3 MS Win 7 laptop connected via wire, not wireless (on the far right). so physical setup looks like: [#1] - [#2] - [#3] Going between #1 and #2 is flawless, however going between #2 and #3 there is a 1.5 second delay each way (note: this is "2 hops" from the server... going from far right, to middle than to left). I've tried a few things but can't get rid of this delay with this setup. I DO have a workaround, but I don't like it so much - and maybe it will reveal something to you. If instead of having: [#1] - [#2] - [#3] I set it up so that Synergy things its: [#3] - [#1] - [#2] the result is I have no delay anywhere (synergy is flawless). I can even do this configuration switch "on the fly" at the server, without stopping/starting the services on the clients. So while I [i]could[/i] put my Linux box in the center, I prefer not to. :-) I can live with this workaround but thought I'd post just to see if this is a known issue with a known fix. Thanks, Todd

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