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greg siddons

Sinlge monitor 2 computers one mouse and KB

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Just installed Synergy and I like it. However, I'm trying to solve a problem that I'm not sure can be solved. I have a laptop for work. I also have a Dell desktop at home. I'm trying to avoid a KVM switch and all the associated cables so I bought a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. What I've done is put the wireless receiver in the home Desktop, then loaded synergy on both the laptop and the home desktop. Since I only have one monitor I have a Y cable switch at the monitor end that I can switch between the laptop output and the desktop output via HDMI cables. When I get home I plug the HDMI into the laptop and that works fine. When I plug the logitech KB mouse receiver into the desktop I can control the desktop and when the laptop is powered with synergy running I can almost control the laptop KB and mouse. However when I try to switch between the two on the monitor I loose control of one of the computers. Is it possible to control both computers with one wireless KB and mouse? Do both computers have to be powered on for it to work?

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