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Viktor Senderov

Crash when changing keyboard layout

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Hello Everyone! Installed Synergy yesterday on the following machines: Server: Ubuntu 16.04 Client: Windows 10 I use two keyboard layouts on both machines: US and BG (Bulgarian). I have noticed the following *bug*: When I switch layouts on the client machine, nothing happens (the client layout reverts back as soon as you start typing). When I switch layouts on the server machine, say from US to BG, and then go to the client to type, the client layout may follow the server's layout depending on the app you are typing in, or a crash may occur! For example if I am in Skype on the client, as soon as I start typing, after having gone to the server and changed the layout from US to BG, Skype will freeze indefinitely (and occasionally the client Synergy will go away). This also happened to me in Outlook. The only workaround seems to change the layout "first on the server, and then on the client"; however, as I go back and forth pretty often this seems to be too much of a hassle. I could live with having to go to the server to change keyboards, but having to worry that the layouts are synchronized or otherwise the application would crash is too much of a problem. Do you guys know of a fix for that? And do you know if this bug has been reported before? Regards, Viktor

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