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Jade Sheaffe

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From what I can see in this forum I am not as computer savvy as other users. I am trying to control 3 computers from the one keyboard. I was hoping I could do it from only 1 or 2 monitors, but if it has to be 3, then so be it. I guess my first issue is how to connect the 3 computers. I only have 1 cat5 connection on each computer, so I can only connect 1 machine via a network cable. My main (server) machine is a laptop on a dock with wifi internet. So I'm connecting the other machines straight to the dock and each has it's own monitor. The other 2 machines don't have wifi capability. Will it still work if I connect one of the machines via a USB - USB cable? or do I need to get a splitter for the network cable? So far - even if I try to just do 2 and not 3, I cannot get this to work. Any instructions would be helpful.

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