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Auto Re-Connect Issue

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Here is my configuration: 1 Dell Latitude E 6430 Laptop Running Windows 10 (Slave) (Roaming computer) 1 HP Compaq Desktop running Windows 10 (Master) (Office computer) 1 Macbook air running OS 10.10 (Master) (Client Computer) I typically alternate my days between my office and my client. When I am done at the end of the day I either put my Dell laptop to "sleep" or " hibernate". But when I open the computer in the morning at the alternate location I have to open the Synergy console on the Dell slave laptop and hit the "apply" button and then and only then will the master "see" the slave laptop. Periodically, I do work in the evening at home using the laptop only and connecting to my home WiFi. But the above behavior is the same. Additional information, I have a Dell docking station at both my office and client locations. The both docking stations are powered, the same model, the ethernet connection plugged in, and a second monitor plugged into the docking station. I hope that this helps identify the problem and you can further improve the product and make this a even more awesome product. Keep up the great work Michael Cornelison

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