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IE locks up, Mouse Scroll Stops on Server side.

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Here are three bugs that I have had every sense Synergy v1.4 and greater. 1) IE will lock up. (started with just could not go to HTTPS sites but now it will just lockup) - Server side 2) Mouse scrolling quits working - Server and Client 3) No left or right clicking (usually I can recover from this by tapping left and Right keys 3 time to gether CTRL, then Alt, and then Shift I have set server service to Automatic delayed start. Service Log On set to Local System account with the Allow Service to interact with desktop. I have tried elevated mode I am not running encryption (never could get this to work) I had these problem with Windows (server), Linux (client) and Windows (server), OSX (client) We are now on verion 1.7.6 and I still have these 3 problems Versions of windows effected Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Versions of Linux effected 2.6 to current Versions of OSX 10.8 to current Does anyone have any ideas how I can resolve this? It has been a very big frustration.

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