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Daniel Jurado

Conemu`s Quake Style dropdown conflicts with Synergy

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Hi, TL;DR: Synergy "queues" a ` (grave) character when I trigger a Global shortcut containing it. I consider myself as a heavy user of command line on Mac and Linux platform and, since I was forced into moving my dev env to an Windows 10 machine, I found a warm place called Babun. I've got even more happy when noticed I was able to mymic my iTerm2 quake-style dropdown menu using Conemu's awesome terminal emulation. Everything worked pretty well, until the day I noticed every time I switched Conemu's terminal with Global hotkey CTRL+` (grave accent), the grave accent itselv was added to the next typed letter into terminal. Sequence: CTRL + ` (terminal gets dropped down and focus), asdasdasd (typed into terminal's window) Turned into CTRL + ` (terminal gets dropped down and focus), àsdasdasd (typed into terminal's window)` Same thing happens when I trigger Global shortcut back to drop terminal up. In this case, the next char typed to whatever window that had focus earlier. By using International Keyboard (actually, is an Apple Wireless Keyboard) over pt_BR language, when I tipe any accent (like `, ~, ^, ', etc), it gets automatically "queued" by OS so next vowel gets the accent (like à, ã, ê, ç). This is a REALLY annoing issue and I'm pretty sure it's not caused by Conemu itself, since it happens ONLY if Synergy server is active. Clients connected to it don't change the odd behaviour. I've been in pain with this for a long time until I finaly figured it is absolutely related with Synergy, since it didn't happen every single time. It was really hard to realize it was getting active only after activating Synergy server. This was reproduced with Synergy Server 1.7.6 - latest release by the time I'm writing this. Windows 10 Home Single Language (pt_BR) Thanks in advance!

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