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Disconnection after 4 seconds

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Synergy has always been working fine and i have not changed any settings or whatever, but since today it disconnects after 4 seconds. So i enter my right screen, mouse moves fine, but it freezes after 4 seconds just saying NOTE: server is dead or WARNING: failed to connect but i have no idea why , the machine i connect to doesn't seem to have any network issues, of course i rebooted it, and it's router and did updates and so on. Desperately i even tried the synergy Beta version now, but without luck. The server pc's log says client is dead after few seconds, so for some reason they loose connection. Does anybody have a clue what might cause this strange behavior suddenly or have any tips ? (i also tried to remove and reinstall synergy because the logs would say that the client was already connected) Thanks a lot for your help [2016-06-23T04:02:38] NOTE: client "t1" is dead [2016-06-23T04:02:39] NOTE: accepted client connection [2016-06-23T04:02:39] NOTE: client "t1" has connected [2016-06-23T04:02:47] INFO: switch from "useri7" to "t1" at 0,31 [2016-06-23T04:02:47] INFO: leaving screen [2016-06-23T04:02:51] NOTE: client "t1" is dead [2016-06-23T04:02:51] INFO: jump from "t1" to "useri7" at 960,540 [2016-06-23T04:02:51] INFO: entering screen [2016-06-23T04:02:52] NOTE: accepted client connection [2016-06-23T04:02:52] NOTE: client "t1" has connected

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