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reese wilson

bug nightmare, keyboard layout win -> mac

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Synergy version 1.7.6 I have some strange behavior with a custom keyboard on windows (10) and the way the client on the mac (10.11) interprets the characters. Here are some examples, in the format of <lowercase>/<uppercase> [code] US keyboard Custom layout Mac displays 1/! [/1 [/! 2/@ (/2 9/@ 3/# )/3 0/# 4/$ {/4 [/$ [/{ !/& 1/& ]/} */@ 8/@ [/code] It does work as expected from windows -> ubuntu, however. Not sure if the keyboard layout on the client makes a difference, but have never needed to modify it before. It appears to use the non-shift version of the destination US-layout character key when shift is not held, and the source US-layout key when shift is held, except on symbol keys, where only the shift version displays correctly The following background is probably irrelevant to this post: [spoiler]I was happy using a 1.3.8 server on windows and a 1.3.7 client on mac and ubuntu for years after finally getting it working by custom compiling the mac version with a clipboard fix. I was forced to upgrade synergy when my computer was forced to upgrade from windows 7 to 10. With synergy 1.3.8 in windows, it would no longer send shift to shift characters correctly, but would still work with shift enabled keyboard shortcuts. Bug 1: mac clipboard not working. solution: patch and compile 1.3.7 for mac, use only version 1.3.8 as server Bug 2 (introduced by windows upgrades): shift characters not sending. solution: upgrade synergy Bug 3, 1.7.6: keyboard layout not mapping correctly to mac. solution: ?[/spoiler]

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