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Saro Migirdicyan

Unusably laggy: Server-OSX-wifi <to> Client-Win10-ethernet

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Setup: SERVER:OSX 10.11.4 -- Wifi (and very close to router) CLIENT: Windows 10 (latest) -- Ethernet I installed free Synergy 1.4.18 on both machines. After the setup, I had flawless performance. Computers went to sleep. Next day, cursor and keyboard is extremely laggy on Windows 10 (the client). Restarted both machines, same issue. I PURCHASED and installed Synergy 1.7.6, hoping this would solve the issue. Restarted both machines after install. Same issue: laggy keyboard and mouse. Swapping Server/Client (such that it looks like this now) SERVER: Windows 10 (latest) -- Ethernet CLIENT:OSX 10.11.4 -- Wifi (and very close to router) Does not have the issue. (However, I do not want to use the setup this way.) Please help.

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