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Duncan Lilly

Windows 10, Keepass Autotype and Synergy

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Duncan Lilly
Having recently upgraded (not actually an upgrade - I did a fresh install) to Windows 10, I have discovered an annoying issue with an interaction between the [url=http://keepass.info/]Keepass[/url] password utility and Synergy. Keepass has a feature where it will type the username and password into the last windoe that had focus before calling up Keepass. This has worked fine for years in Windows 7. Unfortunately something in Windows 10 seems to have changed. It will switch focus to the previous window but then not type anything. The target app has no effect (it the same for Firefox, Edge or just Notepad). Closing Synergy allows the autotype to start working. I'll mention this on the Keepass forum; but it looks to me like it's probably something Synergy needs to take a look at (even if it is a Windows 10 problem at heart, it's the Synergy interaction that's casuing an issue).

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