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Raspberry Pie Zero and Synergy as server

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I am trying to avoid buying a KVM switch and am hoping Synergy can handle the following situation. I am thinking to buy a Raspberry Pie to use as KVM server so I can use my keyboard (Logitech G910)/mouse (Logitech Master MX) across my laptop and PC, none of which are ever connected at the same time, using only one shared monitor. I read on [url][/url] that [quote]"You can also use the Raspberry Pi as a Synergy server, but this is not recommended. One reason is that Synergy isn't perfect, certain keys or special keys do not work. Some keyboards and mice have special functions that require special drivers, which Synergy and Linux might have trouble supporting."[/quote] I'd use the Raspberry as a server but not as a screen and I'd just have one screen (shared between the laptop and PC, again only one of them would be on at any given time), would this setup be possible in Synergy (I know usually Synergy is used across several screens)

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