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Malin Randstrom

ODROID-C2 on Mate Ubuntu 16.4 Linux 3.14.65-71

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First impression, + Great on Linux, ARM-64 as well as x86-64 + Very easy to setup + Low Latency - Fault Tolerance I am a Linux developer on low-latency fin-trading tech and have been using hardware switches to control several computers windowes, Unixes and Linuxes, and thus brand new to this kind of software. I am surprised that one one has come out with this kinda solution long long before because the tech to get this working has been around for over 20 years, for example, shared mem, pipes, mutex, UNIX Socket Programming, threading. At home I am playing with various Linuxes on ARM boards. I use windows 10 on Intel core i5 lappy as a server and Linuxes as clients. The source configured and compiles without any problems. So far it has been working fine with very low latencies. The easiest and most stable way is to configure LightDM with auto-login and use the Ubuntu start up programs to start the client synergyc. Between my client and server there are two walls and a total distance of 100m. The client uses a N300 dongle with two 5dbi antennas and the server is a notebook with an intel internal wifi chip. The connection runs on 2.4GHz routed by an Asus N600 router. This is far from being an optimal solution for low latency, but so far I have no latency problems at all. This is expected as the code is binary from C (no interpretation), the protocol very simple with a tiny payload and there is therefore no need for marshalling or buffering. The issues is with fault tolerant clients as my Linux client has crashed once without restarting. Client Spec, Ubuntu Mate 16.4 V2 Linux odroid64 3.14.65-71 Amlogic ARM Cortex-A53(ARMv8) 2Ghz quad core CPUs Mali-450 GPU (3 Pixel-processors + 2 Vertex shader processors) 2Gbyte DDR3 SDRAM Gigabit Ethernet 32 GB eMMC5.0 HS400 Flash Storag

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