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Kevin Covert

Client connects, but screen will not switch

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Server and client are both Win10 machines with single monitors. According to the log message, everything is working, but display/control never switches to the client machine. Log messages on client show connected to server, along with "entering screen"/"leaving screen" for each test. Log messages on server: NOTE: started server, waiting for clients NOTE: accepted client connection INFO: watchdog status: ok NOTE: client "clientname" has connected (move mouse to location configured for client machine, have tried top, bottom, left, right) INFO: switch from "servername" to "clientname" at 0, 474 INFO: leaving screen (move mouse back to server) INFO: switch from "clientname" to "servername" at 1677, 461 INFO: entering screen I turned up logging all the way, but didn't see anything that resembled an error message. I tried creating a hotkey to switch machines, and that also resulted in log messages that showed it seemed to work (and mouse cursor disappeared on server until I moved it back), but the screen still didn't switch. I tried stopping/quitting and restarting both the server and client, to no effect. I can't find anything else in the configuration to fiddle with. Any suggestions?

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