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Config for 3 screens out of order

Scott Prudence

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Scott Prudence
Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to setup my config, I have the server running on my Win10 Pro PC, then a client running on my MacBook Pro. I have 3 monitors and I have the middle one connected to my MacBook Pro, the lid is down so no need to worry about that display, then I have my Windows PC connected to the 2 monitors either side. [code]------------------------------------- PC MON1 | MBP MON | PC MON2 -------------------------------------[/code] I've created a config file as I couldn't work out how to do this with the configurator, but I still can't quite get it the way I want, the config file I have so far is: [code]section: screens PC: MBP: end section: links PC: left = MBP right = MBP MBP: right = PC left = PC end[/code] This results in me being able to move out of either side of the MacBook Pro, but I still have to scroll across both Windows screens to get to the Mac screen if I go in the correct order. Any ideas? Thanks.
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