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Open web link in browser on different client

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At work I often have my internet browser open on one client and my mail client on a different one. I often end up copying a link on one side, then paste it in browser address on the other side. It would be great if we could overwrite the default app opened when a link is clicked, so that it would directly open on a different client. I'm not sure what would be the best way to tell where the link should be opened. A proposal would be having a certain key combination including a number that designate the target client to be pressed while the click is done. e.g. Ctrl-Win-1-Click opens the link on client "1". Simply having the "open link on different client" feature would already be great. An extension of the feature (but then it gets more complicated since you have to share the file) would be to be able to open a file on any client in the same way. Cheers

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