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Refund - Feature missing, can't test before buying

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Well, as there is no demo version of this software, I bought a licence just to find an essential feature missing for me (or I couldn't figure out how to realize it).


So, I found out how to move the mouse between two systems.

But as I would like to replace a crappiece of a kvm switch with a software solution, you might to know that I do use only ONE monitor with multiple pcs (in fact a tv with multiple hdmi inputs).


My plan was to block ANY seamlessmode and just switch to the desired system with a hotkey command.



TV is on "HDMI 1" and I am using my office system for some kind of work.

Now I would like to play a game, booting up my gaming rig,

Switch TV to "HDMI 3", press the hotkey STRG+ALT+F3 and Keyboard and Mousecontrol jumps over to my gaming machine.

Now, I just need to send a mail, I am moving over to office system again on "HDMI 1" (switching TV back to HDMI 1 input), pressing STRG+ALT+F1 and keyboard and mouse are back on the office system.


I don't need and don't WANT the seamless-mode...


Can I set it up this way?

As I can't for some reason, I kindly ask for a refund.






P.S. I am no native english speaker, so forgive maybe rude language. It's not intended.

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Really no one?

Can't even anyone say if there is an "no-seamless" but an "hotkey"-swap-only solution possible with this tool?

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To lock your input to the current screen simply hit your Scroll Lock key. Then you can use your hotkey to change systems.

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