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How to clean preferences from old Synergy versions on Mac?

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Hi all


I'm fond of Synergy and just bought the most recent version: 1.8.2-stable-36cd521. I'm running Mac OS 10.8

Before that, I had an older version running (about two years old - but I don't remember the version number, I forgot to look it up before wiping it)


I noticed that the preference file /Users//Library/Preferences/com.http-synergy-project-org.Synergy.plist is messed up. Whenever I remove it, the file is regenerated automagically by Synergy each time the application starts (or exits) - re-introducing the old settings.


This is annoying, because the file seems to be messed up (for instance the field serverHostName is wrong, leading to an error message when starting the application).


I would like to start with a "fresh" configuration file. Does anyone know how this could be achieved under Mac?


Removing the following files/folders does not help.


/Users//Library/Saved Application State/synergy.savedState




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