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Emil Harder

Weird mouse sensitivity on client.

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Emil Harder

I'm connected to a client running osx 10.10 from a server running ubuntu 16.04.


The only application I have found the problem in, as of yet, is Ableton Live. (A music making program.) The problem occurs when I'm holding a mouse button down to move a knob or zooming in and out, and moving the mouse. (The same gesture as dragging files and similar.)


It seems like the cursor is hyper sensitive as soon as the button is pressed. Its impossible to control.

It doesn't matter what sensitivity, or acceleration, I set the mouse at, neither at client nor server.

I don't see any message other than the usual mouse click info, even at debug2:


[2016-09-02T20:32:37] DEBUG1: event: ButtonPress button=1
[2016-09-02T20:32:37] DEBUG1: onMouseDown id=1
[2016-09-02T20:32:37] DEBUG1: send mouse down to "mac" id=1
[2016-09-02T20:32:38] DEBUG1: event: ButtonRelease button=1
[2016-09-02T20:32:38] DEBUG1: onMouseUp id=1
[2016-09-02T20:32:38] DEBUG1: send mouse up to "mac" id=1

If I use the action that lock the cursor to the screen, it behaves normal,. as long as the cursor is locked.


What to do, or where to find more information to solve this problem?

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I have the same issue. Have you found out the solution?

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