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Pedro Orlando de Albuquerq

Drag and Drop not working

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Pedro Orlando de Albuquerq

Server: Fedora 24 (XFCE spin)

Client: Windows 10 Pro

Synergy v1.8.2-stable on both


When I try to drag the file, my cursor just stops on the screen edge of my server (or client).

I double checked that the "Drag and Drop" flag is enable.

The cursor does not change.

In the log of synergy it doesn't show any report about my try to drag a file to the other side.

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Luc Mousseau

I have the same question. Similar setup:


Server: Windows 10 Pro

Client: Fedora 24 (using Gnome 3.20.2)


Digging a bit further by switching the logging mode to DEBUG on both sides, on the Server I'll see the following message:

DEBUG: sending file to client, filename=C:\Users\Luc\test.txt

A few times I've also seen the following message on the Server instead of the above:
DEBUG: failed to get drag file name from OLE

On the Client I'll see:
DEBUG: drag drop not enabled, ignoring drag info.

and then upon returning to the server on the Client it will show:
DEBUG: file transmission interrupted

... Which makes no sense given supposedly "drag drop not enabled".


On the server I do have the "Enable drag and drop file transfers" checkbox checked. And on the client it's set to "Auto config".


One additional thing I noticed, if on the server you "Save configuration as..." to a file, I don't see anything in the file about the drag and drop checkbox, whether it's checked or not.



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