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KB shortcut for Siri on macOS glitchy

Caleb McDonald

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Caleb McDonald

I've just installed macOS (Sierra) and with my initial testing I've confirmed that trying to use keyboard shortcuts to trigger Siri (Cmd+Space etc) is quite hard to do over Synergy. It's almost like it's sending the command on/off multiple times. You have to time it right otherwise it'll trigger Siri and then cancel it very quickly and makes it glitchy.


Using Cmd+Space directly on my MacBook works flawlessly, every time. I never get this experience over Syngery.


It feels like a bug, or maybe a limitation on how the commands are being sent via Synergy is causing it to trigger it and cancel at the same time at random times? You never can keep holding down the keys as you can directly on the MacBOok - it just won't work.]


Anyone else notice this?

Is there a planned fixed, or is this going to be a limitation?



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