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Sam Liddicott

DDI/MCCS monitor source switching

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Sam Liddicott

See the python code here: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/9688 ... rce/page-2

for examples on switching a monitor source.


I have two laptops with the lid down, each using the same three monitors.


I would like to move my mouse up off the top to cause the monitors to switch source to the other laptop, and down to switch back.


Perhaps each monitor square on the grid can also issue a DDI/MCCS monitor source instruction (and maybe others too).


For a first iteration, as identifying the monitor to control may be difficult, let each monitor square on the grid also identify which attached monitor to send the DDI/MCCS code to; and for the first iteration let these be limited to monitors on the controlling PC.


Sound good? Unique?


In a second iteration let any of the controlled PC's also do this to their monitors.


In a third iteration, let there be a fake animating scroll from one desktop to the other as it flips source

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