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Synergy 1.8 broken on Linux with Neo2 Layout

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When using Synergy 1.8.4 with two Arch Linux, both using the Neo2 keyboard layout (setxkbmap de neo), a lot of strange stuff happens. Instead of printing the correct character (or triggering the assigned action) the following characters are printed instead:


Tab -> 8

. -> y

up -> l

down -> a

left -> i

right -> e

Ins -> c

Del -> u

Home -> u

End -> o

page up -> x

page down -> w

Numpad switch -> 8

Numpad / -> 9

Numpad * -> 0

Numpad + -> q

Numpad 0 ->

Numpad decimal separator (“,” for German) -> d


The cursor buttons have produced these letters under specific circumstances in previous versions (since I have been using Synergy, in fact. Probably 1.2?), too, but now they do not perform their correct function at all. By the way, TLS is on.


Does anyone have a clue why this happens and how this could probably be solved?

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