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Mouse and keyboard not available when logged out from window

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I have synergy server on W7 system.

Client is Debian.


When i log out from Windows, and move mouse around, mouse goes onto Linux screen and then it is gone.

Keyboard is active on the linux system.


Mouse and keyboard are not available on Windows system, i am unable to "move" the mose to the windows screens, I am unable to log into the windows.


Only way to do it is to using keyboard on Linux either Stop Synergy client or reboot the system, so the keyb/mouse would be released.


This is very uncool in the office space when you are away from pc many times during the day.


Is there a workaround to this?

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On your W7 server, go to Edit-Settings. What is your Elevate set to? I've found that it works great for me if it is set to Always.

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