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Steve Harman

Drag & drop multiple files - only copies 1 file

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Steve Harman

// Synergy 1.8.4-stable-a6ff907

// macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (server)

// macOS El Capitain 10.11.6 (client)




a) With 'Drag and drop file transfers' enabled on my Synergy server, I can drag say two files from the client and I get the nice green '+' when I reach one of my server's monitors. However only one of the files I'm dragging reaches my server. 100% reproducible, doesn't matter if the files are large or small. Drag 1 file = reaches the server fine. Drag 2 files at the same time = only 1 file makes it.


b) Also around drag & dropping files; 99% of the time when I first fire up my Synergy client & server - I need to go into the server and toggle 'Drag and drop file transfers' off & back on again before the drag & drop feature works.





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