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earl manning

Win10 (dual monitor) not generating edge events

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earl manning

I have used Synergy on a Windows 7 computer, but I have a new Win 10 computer and things are not working.


Server (machine1):

Windows 10

Synergy 1.8.5 (latest)

dual monitor


Client (machine2):


Synergy 1.8.5 (latest)

single monitor


The machines are talking. By this I mean that I see "client machine2 has connected". The problem is that I can't get the mouse to move over to the client's screen.


I have turned logging up to Debug2 and get events for things like click or key press, but I never see any event for an edge event. I am expecting there to be messages. What else can I check?




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Justin Miller

I am having the same issue - also seeing this error


"failed to get desktop path, no drop target available, error=2"


Server: Windows 10 connected (via an RDP window) - not showing events

Client: Physical Laptop - Windows 7 - showing events


When I move the mouse across the monitor to where the connected client is nothing happens and nothing is logged from the Win 10 box.


When I do the same from Win7 it logs say left screen event occured but the server (win 10) registers nothing. From all appearances they are connected fine except for the error I listed.


Running version 1.8.5-stable-a18eba7

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