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Mouse skips on client, keyboard not received

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I've been running Synergy for 2 or 3 years now, and everything had been working well up until recently. I use my Mac (OSX 10.12.1) as server, and Windows (Win7 64) as client. The troubles seem to coincide with my Mac OS upgrade to 10.12. I can't be certain, because I don't use this setup on a regular basis. I don't believe anything significant has changed in network protocols since it was last working.


The problem is twofold:

1) mouse events on the client will jump, perhaps(?) disconnecting during the middle of a mouse movement. When they pick up again a fraction of a second later, positioning is somewhat proximal to where it left off.

2) keyboard events are not being received by the client. I turned on Debug in the log, and keyboard events are not recorded in the server or client. The "can't find keyboard layout" error mentioned in the FAQ is not present.


I had been running a version of 1.7 when the mouse problem showed up. I upgraded to 1.8.5-stable-a18eba7 on both machines with no change in behaviors.


Thanks for any ideas.



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