Mouse hooks on server PC prevent clicking on remote PCs

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Hello. :)

I can't seem to find a public Synergy bug tracker, so I'm going to assume here's the place... :?

I run a Windows 10 Desktop (10.0.14393) and a Windows 10 Laptop (10.0.10586), using Synergy to use my desktop's mouse and keyboard on my laptop. Both machines have 7+ Taskbar Tweaker installed. 7+TT has some features (under "Mouse wheel") that set up a global mouse hook to capture mouse clicks. If the Synergy server starts or is restarted (with the "Apply" button) after 7+TT (or any other program that sets up a global mouse hook, like these demos here), Synergy is able to cope fine and works as expected. If the mouse hooks are set up while Synergy is running (which usually happens at startup, as Synergy starts before 7+TT when booting), no mouse clicks register on the client desktop through Synergy. I previously contacted the 7+TT developer through his bugtracker, but it seems that the issue in fact lies with Synergy. Is it possible for the Synergy server to detect the setting up of mouse hooks and deal with them like it seems to be able to when they exist before the server starts or if not, for me to delay the server's starting or force a restart after 7+TT has started?

Thanks. :)

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