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macOS server media keys stop working after time

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Ever since I upgraded to v1.8.3 (with enhancement #3305), I've noticed that after some time running the server on OS X 10.11.6 (seems to be after a few connects and disconnects with a client), the media keys stop working on the server computer (MacBook Pro, mid 2014). Even after the Synergy server is closed, they still don't work until I restart the computer. It doesn't seem to happen at all if I never run Synergy server.


The keys are physically still working; if I open a terminal window for example, I see some escape characters whenever I press the keys (e.g. volume or brightness up/down), but they stop actually performing the media key functions. I've checked in system preferences, and they have *not* been changed to function key mode or anything like that.


Has anyone else noticed this happening?

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